Thursday, May 3, 2012

introducing: a peek INSIDE THE RYAN ARMS!

once upon a time i had a blog feature called "inside hotel hot trash" where i talked about some of my collections and the junk inside my house (which a local nicknamed "hotel hot trash" after my radio show and the number of bands we always had pajama partying it up on any given nite).

look familiar?

lately i've been acquiring such a huge quantity of junk (and been so excited about bringing it home) that i have to post about it before it even makes it to its rightful spot on the shelf/wall/insert-piece-of-furniture-here. but i would like to get back into making it a regular (or at least semi-regular) feature, and what better time to start fresh than with the new house and subsequent new name?

introducing my first installment of INSIDE THE RYAN ARMS!

introducing the new mascot of the ryan arms

this installment features a particularly strange creature. i first read about this character on a website that called it one of the "creepiest dolls ever made." i sorta developed a crush on it, looked it up on ebay, and decided that i couldn't afford even an imcomplete version at this point -- they go for well over $100 bucks complete and sometimes close to $100 for even ones in poor condition. i filed this under "stupid & weird - must have but not right now" and didn't think too much about it for a while.

one day i went in to work and saw her sitting there behind the register. OH MY! i asked all my coworkers, "who does she belong to?!? i need that!" to which one replied, "who? that slutty poodle with the eyelashes?" cue PETEENA, the pampered poodle doll.


to this day, no one can really explain why a poodle doll in a bikini seemed like a good idea, but toy collectors of the weird and unusual are rejoicing (albeit with a confused look on their faces). peteena was a 1966 "fashion dog" created by hasbro. she had a number of different outfits one could dress her in, hence her fashionable lifestyle. i love that the back of her clothing package made her sound like such a hep cat (or dog, as the case may be) of the swingin sixties:

she's a pace setter! she's a swinger!

isn't she delightfully absurd??

the peteena i took home was not nearly in perfect condition. she was missing her detachable tail (often missing, although reproduction ones are available), she was not wearing any of her original clothing, and she had pinholes on each earlobe where some little girl had the genius idea to insert pearl "earrings" through her rubber head. poor peteena. on the bright side, she does have the nice, clean rooted hair on her head and her pretty little eyelashes that caused my coworker to stereotype her as "easy." and of course, i got the nice price, which made the lack of tail a non-issue (peteena, hide 'yo butt!)





she's still quite the swinger, even if her bikini was traded in for a more conservative one-piece.

and on THAT note...

until next time, here at the ryan arms!


  1. hahah, i love her! she looks especially alluring in front of that ice cream cone!

    also, is the squirrel in your little header yours? if so i am so freaking jealous! i love his jaunty crossed leg.

    1. yes, he lives here! i almost made a new "inside the ryan arms" photo that was just a close-up of his crossed legs, it looked very silly...maybe i will switch it up after a while!

  2. I need one of these so bad!! SO COOL!