Wednesday, September 21, 2011

bottom of the stack

josh and i have been busy busy busy getting the new house in order. its looking really good (actually, amazing, if i do say so myself!) and i'm excited to share some photos soon.

in the meantime, here is a recent flea market score that is one of my most favorite of all time. it was in a stack of old war/military photos and they all appeared to be taken in an asian country. some were in restaurants with asian decor, others were of soldiers and people in fancy clothes. the guy was trying to sell the whole lot for $20. he pointed to a portrait of a distinguished-looking soldier and told me, "this is the one that everybody wants."

"oh, really? cuz i wanted this one," i said, showing him the photo at the bottom of the stack.

"yeah? the geisha? ok....5 bucks."

the money was out of my hand and into his before he could take the photo out of the plastic photo album page. i couldn't believe my luck. usually i spent way too much time at flea markets digging through stacks of old pictures just hoping there's a treasure waiting for me. by then, all the good stuff around me is already snagged up by everyone else and i come out empty-handed all around. i told myself that this time, i would not waste my whole day looking through every single stack of photos i passed. somehow, these caught my eye.

isn't she beautiful?????


swoooooooooon. what a great find.