Sunday, February 17, 2013

birthday spoils

i've been meaning to do a post about my birthday but gosh i've been lazy. overall, it was one of the nicest birthdays in recent memory!

the mister and i both took the day off work to hang out together, which was a present in itself. he took me out to breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon, and then we hit up a few estate sales since i NEVER have a thursday off to go to sales on the first day. they were a bust, but i haven't been to an estate sale in months so it was still fun to go.

then we headed out for a day of junkin. here are some of the treasures i came home with:

an amazingly obnoxious lime green coat with a fur collar that fits perfectly! it's in mint condition and it's seriously the best shade of green. it's even better in person!

 this great 8x10 vintage photo of a hearse parked in a graveyard. it will look so neat framed and hung in our foyer that basically looks like a mini-funeral parlor.

this vintage valentine for a "rootin' tootin' guy"

this funny picture card about "pitching the woo." what a great phrase. i almost love it as much as "balling the jack."

 records! hooray! i was especially excited to find the monkees single from their movie "head" (a harder one to find, and one i still needed to complete my collection) and the little richard record that is co-written with the legendary esquerita.

and finally, the miss priss sugar bowl to add to my growing collection...

 my collection is coming along quite nicely!

josh also got me a bunch of awesome gifts! i was lucky to marry a very thoughtful gift-giver ; )

pile 'o' gifts! the chocolates were for valentine's day ; )

 a nauga monster necklace!

this tiny package of beatles hair pomade came as an extra in the other item josh was actually buying's pretty ridiculous, still!

 little richard record! ooooooooh!

and the main present: a complete set of vintage monkees finger puppets! there was no peter doll made because he had already left the band at this point, but these three are in great shape (micky and mike are still carded!) and they have all their accessories (their boots are always missing). for a guy who always teases me about owning so many toys, josh sure is an enabler!

for dinner, we went to an italian restaurant that my family used to go to when i was a kid. the location near us closed long ago, but there were still several others left. the one we happened to stop at was gangster themed, which was really awesome. it made my heart happy to be back there again!

i came home to a package from my new york dead boys friend, jeff. inside was some pulp novels, dvds of the mc5, richard and the young lions and some old 60s music shows, and a shirt. check out that badass james brown shirt! whatta pal.

i got this hilarious card from my cousin, whose little girl i nanny. HA!

and finally, my tickets for the solo mike nesmith concert arrived on my birthday..what a nice present! oh, did i even tell you?!?! mike nesmith of the monkees came out of hibernation in 2012 to tour with the remaining monkees (making a lifelong dream of mine come true) -- and now he is doing a string of solo dates and I WILL BE THERE! so stoked. 

to sum it up, i'm 31 and life is good ; )