Wednesday, April 25, 2012

record store day: the loot

we've been without internet for the past few days at home, which has been driving me absolutely  bonkers. josh and i joked that we were going to pen letters by candlelight in the downtime normally reserved for relaxing in front of some netflix or playing around on the internet. its a shame we've become so dependent on it, but i feel so darn out of the loop!

record store day was a great success for us this year. in the past i've always had to work, so this was the first year i got to participate in any of the festivities. first i played records for an hour at my favorite store here in town, then josh and i hit up all the local haunts. here is my stash!


i got a lot of 90s garage stuff like the drags, teengenerate, the rip offs and the baseball furies. finding the drags LP (for under 5 bucks!) was a particular score; i never see them new OR used when i'm out digging around for vinyl.

also nabbed some punk stuff, new and old: circle jerks, fag cop and the sinks. picked up the "pebbles vol. 9" comp of 60s garage, as well as two monkees 45s with picture sleeves that i needed to add to my collection. now that i have all the monkees full length releases on vinyl, my next goal will be to collect all the 45 singles with their original picture sleeve.

two pleasant surprises were the famous monsters of cereal cardboard cereal box 45 and the "taboo" record with the shrunken head cover that i've seen before and always wanted. it looks great in the basement next to all our tiki stuff! a few more old 45s rounded out my stack. josh got a pile o' wax equally as big and we came home two tired but very happy campers.

what about you? did you venture out on record store day? if so, did you come back with anything cool?


  1. I knew RSD was coming, but somehow I didn't realize it was Saturday until....Saturday. So we kicked it into gear and headed up to Square Records in Akron. It was busy, which it always nice to see. The most interesting thing I found was a 45 by Neil Hamburger....WTF?!

  2. Jealous of that Rip-Offs number. Way to go!