Monday, April 30, 2012

home stretch


life has been really crazy lately. i can't believe time is flying by so fast but yesterday was already mine and josh's wedding shower. our moms and my bridesmaids did an awesome job of throwing us a kickass party, complete with sugar skull cupcakes, family party punch, skeleton flamingos and the equipment to throw our very own carnival at home (i'll explain everything later). we got so spoiled we went home with enough presents to fill up half our living room. we're still trying to put everything away and the job is far from done. hopefully some people will share some photos from the shower soon, because i was so preoccupied i didn't get to snap one single picture. josh and i have a hard time being the center of attention, so it was very overwhelming for the both of us. i need some time to recover! ha. we're lucky that we have such amazing friends and family, and are very thankful for that!!

in the meantime while i reshape my mushy brains, i will leave you with this picture of my new cheeseburger garden tattoo. sorry its a little raw in the photo but as you can imagine, i was too excited not to share it immediately. CHEESEBURGER GARDEN! hell yes.


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  1. hahaha you tattoo is so awesome!!
    i had two wedding showers and i felt SO AWKWARD at both! but it was fun! and isn't in crazy how generous people are when you get married? i still can't believe it.