Wednesday, October 27, 2010

rough times

i want to be here, but all i can think about is the crap i've been dealing with lately. in a weeks time i've lost an aunt and a friend (and fellow college radio dj). my aunt was the mother of my two cousins, who are like my sisters, so this whole thing has been especially hard on my entire family. the friend died unexpectedly--was found unconscious yesterday morning, was on life support with failing organs by nightfall, and had died by the time i woke up this morning. death is never easy, but it seems even harder to wrap your head around it when the people involved are so young. both were in their forties.

sorry to be such a bummer, but i'm in a rough place right now. don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me for a while. hope to be back soon.


  1. I had only met Stella once and it was at last year's Halloween party. It is a very sad situation and I'm sorry for all of your losses. Everyone seems to be having rough times. Boo.

  2. So sorry to hear it, Erin. My heart goes out to you in this tough time.

  3. Oh, hugs to you honey. You take care of yourself, all right? And I'm so sorry.