Thursday, October 28, 2010

gettin ready for a (hallo) weenie time

sorry to have bummed people out so much with my last entry that i lost a follower. i mean honestly, that's kinda lame that i can't say things suck when they do, but whatever. you were probably only following my blog to win a contest or somethin, anyway.

trying to force a smile on my face and have fun this weekend, because DOGGONE IT i deserve it. our radio station masquerade ball is saturday where we will present the legendary DICKIES and josh and i will get all costumed up (stay tuned for photos).

then as we all know sunday is finally HALLOWEEN so hopefully i'll spend some time with family and watch my brothers make little kids scream when they stop for candy at my parents house. maybe someone will cry again this year.

have a fun and safe halloween weekend, y'all! here's some of my favorite clips and songs to get ya in the mood:

("hold on, i'm gonna put the phone on my bionic ear.")

(sometimes i still can't believe i got to see this band last year. BEST. SHOW. EVER.)

(the disco scene at the end is the best part)

(screamin' lord sutch)

(a family favorite)

(munsters theme, surfin' style?! yes, please!)

(the best!)

(round robin)

(i have a copy of this movie but have yet to watch it...what better time than now?! it looks rad!)

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