Wednesday, August 11, 2010


HOLY 2ND JOB, BATMAN! i started the new job at the toy store and i feel right at home. it was meant to be, if there ever was such a thing! needless to say, my free time has shrunk significantly and i haven't been able to post anything until now. there still isn't much going on since i haven't been doing much except working, but i'll try to get back and do a REAL post very soon. that reminds me, i still never did an "inside hotel hot trash" post about my platter pak collection! gotta get on that.

in the meantime, here is a teaser playlist from last nite's episode of hot trash. its been a while since i posted one of these..hope you enjoy! as always, i'd love to have you tune in next tuesday when i'm on the air! (for a full playlist, please see the facebook link above!)

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1 comment:

  1. I can always tell which songs were requests (yes, I know you write REQUEST after them) because they just don't seem like you sometimes! And CONGRATS on your j-o-b!!