Monday, June 7, 2010

swamp rat spotted in treasuries

i still haven't seen an improvement in sales since the makeover in swamp rat, but i do think it has improved chances of appearing in other people's treasuries. neat! here is a list of new treasuries that were nice enough to include a print from our shop! quite a few of them are summer carnival-themed, which are some of my absolute FAVORITE! please take a peek and click on some of the great you can see, we're in very good company!

malt shop romance

candied or just carmel apples?

what's summer without a day at the carnival?


retro summer fun


whimsy part deux

a little bit of americana for your 4th of july

summer fun

thanks goes out to everyone who featured us from the bottom of our trashy little hearts!

and finally, i'll leave you with a little video clip from one of my favorite artists (and one of my favorite human beings in the world!), NOBUNNY! he will be making his triumphant return to cleveland this sunday and it's been two years since his last visit. there is no way to go wrong with a man in a bunny mask and some tiny undies singing songs about hookers and chuck berry...and besides that, my friend justin is one of the best dudes i've ever met. can't wait!


  1. Your shop looks great, and yay for treasuries! Hopefully, the sales fairy will get her behind in gear here sometime soon, eh?

  2. thanks da best!