Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hot trash happenings

last nite on the radio show, i did an impromptu interview with eric davidson, the lead singer of the new bomb turks.

i say impromptu because although he mentioned he might call, i didn't really think he would! we have made plans to have him as a guest on the show several times when he was back in ohio visiting family but none of them ever happened. so imagine my surprise when i picked up the phone and heard, "ERRRRRRRRRRRIN! it's eric davidson!" i scrambled around to try to remember how to take a call on the air because its been at least 3 years since i've done that and i sure didn't remember. i was nervous because i'm not the "interviewer" type, but things went well and we had a pleasant chat about jello biafra playing shows on boats shaped like ducks (or not) and other such thaaangs.

the main reason he was calling though was to plug his new book, we never learn! the gunk punk undergut 1988-2001. it's an inside look at some of the most significant garage punk bands in recent history, many of which i play on hot trash regularly. i still have to order a copy, but i'm sure its going to be a good read. you can pick up a copy at any major bookstore or order it from the website! tell 'em hot trash sent ya.

next week i'm having a special guest on hot trash: a certain miss firecracker one woman band from cleveland, ohio! she's my good pal and she will be playing a live set on the air, as well as bringing some records to spin and tickling your funnybone with her charm and wit.

the week after (june 15) my special guest will be none other than jeff magnum, bassist of the legendary punk band THE DEAD BOYS. he is one of my dearest friends and we often marvel at the divine intervention that brought us together, since we are both convinced we were meant to be friends. the other day he told me i was "the female version of him," and then corrected himself, saying, "wait, that sounded all wrong. but you know what i mean." some time i will have to do a blog post about how we met and what a great dude he is.

(jeff is the one hiding in the back wearing the red shirt)

make sure you tune in to hear him on his fifth hot trash appearance, where he will be bringing some of his most prized records from his collection (all the way from NYC) and telling stories about the glory days of the dead boys and punk rock. he has been promising to let the cat out of the bag regarding a story involving the dead boys being on tour and getting thrown in jail, so i can't wait to hear THAT one! plus, it will mark the return of the dreaded "do you speak french?" 45 from his first appearance on hot trash in 2004, as well as the hilly krystal favorite about a pig rolling around in the mud. honestly, you just have to hear it for yourself. i love the fact that we both make fun of everything and laugh at everything and hate everything...this is one of the things that cemented our friendship from the beginning! ha. he cracks me up. is a teaser playlist from the show last nite. it was a great one with lots of requests! too bad i couldn't find more of what i played on

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  1. My Eric Davidson Complex is still in full affect. Regardless...Runnin' On Go is one of my favorite NBT songs. I have Pissing Out the Poison on vinyl. I NEED a record player, dammit!