Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the hurdy gurdy man

while hanging out with josh and my cousins the other nite, "the hurdy gurdy man" by donovon came on. i have always found this to be an annoying, repulsive, creepy song. i don't think it should exist. well, between that and "atlantis," donovan himself just should not exist. but i digress.

further discussion led amy and beth  to pose this question: what would the hurdy gurdy man look like? we tried to answer this. here are some thoughts:

-it might look a bit like harry from harry and the hendersons, but with more dirt and leaves stuck in his fur.

-it might just be a pile of dirt

-it might resemble that puppet from h.r. pufnstuf

-it would smell like dump, or like it came from the dump, although it probably just came from poo lake

-it "definitely!" has syphilis

-it might wear black rain galoshes and squish around when it walks (and it might channel "zeke the plumber" because of this)

-it would have a deserted cabin in the woods where there were body parts scattered around

-it would be brown or green, or brown AND green

-it might look like that guy with the huge carpet dreadlock hair that used to hang around outside the grog shop

-we think it walks around with its penis hanging out!

-most likely, it would be a pervert that exposed itself to kids

-it would have a long, sloppy mustache that is best described as "whiskers" and it would have particles of food and most of all GRAVY in it all the time!

-it would talk like the creepy, echoy voice of donovan in the song

-basically it would look like a troll, but a dirty, muddy, hairy, smelly, poopy troll

SO. that settles it. what does the hurdy gurdy man look like to YOU?

p.s. this post was taken almost word for word from the conversation the four of us were having. i could not stop laughing. obviously.


  1. I not only hate that song, but I hate the words "Hurdy Gurdy" themselves. Blech.

    Another reason to hate him? Ione Skye. That's a big mistake right there.

    The only good quality Donovan has is that he lent his voice to a Futurama episode where they talked about "The lost city of Atlanta" and he said, 'HAIL ATLANTA!!!', which I really loved for some reason.

  2. I not only like this song a bunch, but I like Atlantis too. Thanks to the film Zodiac, I just picture the Zodiac Killer when I hear the song now.