Friday, May 28, 2010

swampratphotography gets a makeover and other etsy things

a couple things on the etsy front.

first up, i did an interview about selling vintage 80s stuff in the blog scrivener's retreat. natalie was nice enough to feature FRENZY! and ask me a few questions about being an 80s kid. please check out her blog to see the interview, or go take a look at her shop if you like cute handmade animal toys (i love that she has a section called "meat toys" hahaha -- my cats would love to chew on a stuffed chicken leg!).

i also had my runaways "cherry bomb" tote bag featured in this pretty little cherry treasury by sunflowerexpress. neat-o!

i made a new treasury of my own inspired by my fascination of serial killers...nothing surprising there, huh?

madman on the loose

and finally, swampratphotography got a makeover the other day. here is the explanation i posted on the facebook page:

swamp rat photography is nearing its one year anniversary on etsy and to date we have only had a handful of sales. i decided it was time to try something different, so the shop got a little facelift today.

prints from the shop are now $10, instead of $15.
the listings are also for prints ONLY, and no longer come matted & framed.
(you still have the option to order them this way, but it will cost extra)
shipping was just too high to be packaging the frames properly, and i think this was scaring some people away.

shipping costs are now a much more manageable price, so hopefully this will encourage potential buyers to order a print and pick out a mat/frame on their own without the added cost of having one pre-selected and shipped.

i also revised the way photos were appearing on etsy itself. because i am not personally a fan of watermarks, i took off the large "swamp rat" text across the image. maybe this will help people who may be considering including a swamp rat photo in a treasury, because there won't be this big ugly text across the middle of the image. i, for one, prefer treasury photos to be clear and unobstructed. i am going to have to put my faith in humanity with this one and hope that i don't regret it later. there's nothing worse than accidentally stumbling upon your work without the proper credit given (or worse yet, when someone has stolen it and given credit to themselves).

i also added several new images to the shop today, including some live rock'n'roll shots and some summertime favorites.

i hope these changes make everyone happier in the end! if you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me know.

xoxo erin
swamp rat photography

here are some of the new prints that were added this week:

rat fink:

andre "mr. rhythm" williams:

joe buck yourself:

troll bridge:

carnival at night:

candied apples:

charlie's doghouse diner:

and back in stock is everyone's favorite half-man, half-rabbit NOBUNNY:


  1. I LOVE the Carnival at Night photo!!!

  2. Love your photos and style! The shop looks great!