Sunday, March 14, 2010

new summer to-do list


last year around this time josh and i sat down and made a list of all the things we wanted to do once the weather got nice. even though we knew we might not have the time or money to get some of it done, it was cool having something to refer back to and it became like a game getting things crossed off the list. looking back, i see that we accomplished almost half of our ideas from last year.

-explore the abandoned chippewa amusement park before it gets torn down
-revisit my favorite place, lakeview cemetery
-find new cemeteries to explore
-go to the cleveland police museum and see the torso murder exhibit
-go to some train museum that josh knows about (hopefully there will be some boxcar hobos there, too)
-go to middlefield for the flea market/cheesehouse
-roadtrip to west virginia so josh can show me cool stuff (mudriver mall, hasil adkins grave, etc)
-go to all the local diners we can (annabelle's, ruthie and moe's, earle and jackie's street trolley diner, lester's diner, porky's, dan's dogs, the white turkey drive-in) (only visited dan's dogs)
-hit up lots of flea markets/estate sales/garage sales (found a couple...)
-play at the natural history museum
-roadtrip to philly (mutter museum) and atlantic city
-go fishing
-lots of carnivals and fairs! (well, not lots, but at least one)
-go to the harley davidson museum and eat in the diner car
-car shows!! (a few...)
-see a horror movie at a drive-in
-go to an auction
-go on a picnic
-the zoo
-visit the allen county museum (weird collections of junk)
and above all,

here's a newly updated list of fun for this year...i am counting down the days til the sun is out and i can wear saddle shoes again!

-train ride in the valley
-clear a picnic spot in our backyard and have bbqs
-lots of bike rides now that we both have sweet vintage bikes! (starting up a bike gang would be boss, too)
-more frequent trips to the west side market
-find new places to take pictures and have adventures
-go to coney island
-go fishing the old-fashioned way (that means sitting on a dock barefoot...not taking a speedboat out on the lake with a goddamn fishfinder)
-casino roadtrip
-take a ferry to put-in-bay

-another trip to west virginia (hillbilly hotdogs, coal mine festival, etc)
-annual trip(s) to lakeview cemetery
-cleveland police museum (cleveland torso exhibit, etc)
-train museum
-try lots of new diners
-middlefield again (and eat the best turkey sandwiches at the cheese factory!)
-natural history museum
-philly/atlantic city
-harley davidson museum/diner
-car shows
-lots of flea markets/estate sales
-see a horror movie at a drive-in
-go to an auction
-allen county museum


*photos by lacey!!


  1. For the "see a horror movie at a drive-in", I highly recommend going to the drive-in super monster-rama in a little town near Pittsburgh. Steph and I have gone the last two years. They have two nights of horror movie triple features including vintage trailers and concession stand ads. Here's the web page from last year:

    The Cleveland Police museum torso display is great, too. The death mask is super creepy, plus they have some great letters sent by the killer.

    There are so many cool things to do, and so little time to do them in. Hope you get to check off a good portion of these.

  2. woohwheeeee thanks bob! monster-rama sounds FAB indeed

  3. Erin, I can help you with the following:

    1. "try lots of new diners" - you mentioned the Steel Trolley and the White Turkey. Me, Andy, and Val are fans. Involve us in that, we'll drive. We gots big cars with good stereos and hot jams.

    2. "car shows" - I cruise my Mercury. Yeah, it's new, but it's limited and a throwback to the 1960's Mercury Marauder, and people are always into it. I hit Annabelle's (Mentor), the Solon Cruise Night (Tuesdays, behind the movie theatre), Swenson's, random other crap.

    3. "FIND A DEAD BODY!" - OK, I'm not in the business of regularly finding them, but I did find a gunshot suicide back in '06. Maybe I'll find another one. Best place to look is in any Metropark in the morning, before anyone else gets there.

    Add "John Waters filmfest at Adam's" to the list.

  4. I am soooo in for so m any of those things! We want to go to Philly and I want to go to Atlantic City (we also want to go to Chicago). And you should just join my bike gang, The Pedal Pushers! We have sweet bikes! I need to go through your list again and just latch on to everything we want to do and do them with you.

  5. I would axe the Porky's idea. Worst food ever. Worst chili dog sauce ever. It was like hot ketchup. Fries are either burned or fried in old grease, couldn't tell. You end up eating outside because the place has like 5 places to sit. We threw ALL of our food in the trash.

  6. sp: noted. thanks for the heads up!

    lacey: let's doooooooooooo stuff!!!

    adam: totally down for cruise-ins and diners. it's always more fun with a group of friends. also, HELP ME FIND A DEAD BODY! i'm still jealous.

  7. my aunt found a dead body behind her house in the 80s. it was an old lady who just died of natural causes, as it turned out. but it WAS exciting.