Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new prints added to shop

it's been a minute since i added anything new to swamp rat photography, so i used today's sick time to get busy.


lemmy kilmister 5x7 framed print

it isn't every day you get to stand mere inches away from this guy. no joke...i seriously could have reached out and pinched him. but who would dare pinch lemmy? the man, the myth, the legend -- and he could be hanging in your living room! or bedroom! (or bathroom, for all i care!) one of rock'n'roll's great icons.


hasil adkins hot dog graveside tribute 5x7 print

the chances of anyone else being as crazy as we are and driving through the backroads and hollers of west virginia just to climb a hill in the middle of the woods to see this are relatively i figured the best idea would be to offer this as a print in the shop to save everyone else the trouble. don't worry, we did the hard work, now you can just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. fans of hasil adkins will understand the playfulness of this piece. we couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to "the world's greatest guitarist and one man band" than with a hot dog signoff. somewhere up in hillbilly heaven, hasil is probably cackling that crazy laugh of his...

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  1. Hey grrrly! Yes, I did have another kitty graphic, but it was just a link to my shop, and not a button. I want to make it into a button though. I'll let know when it's ready if you would like to use it : ) Thanks for displaying the other one.