Friday, February 26, 2010

sleep talking

josh always has conversations in his sleep that make no sense. i am usually awake for these and i ask him questions to keep him talking. then i write down the conversations on the journal next to the bed so i don't forget. sometimes he even opens his eyes and i'm SURE he must be awake, but he has no recollection whatsoever when i ask him about it in the morning. some of these i posted before, and a few are recent. #6 just happened last nite and i was laying in bed laughing so hard i had tears rolling down my face.

josh (rolls over): DOG LIFE!
me: what?!
josh: dog years.
me: what are you talking about?
josh: it means unlimited.
me: WHAT means unlimited?
josh: you don't know how to count good! (rolls back over)

josh (rolls over): are you guys gonna put ed on the show?
me: did you just ask 'are you gonna put ed on the show?'
josh: yeah, that'd be sweet.
me: ed who?
josh: A VIKING!
(rolls back over)

josh (rolls over): i can't tell what's dead and what's not!
me: josh, why are you saying such creepy things to me?
josh (gets an angry look on his face): i'm talking about the damn things!
me: what damn things?
josh: the newspapers!
me: what newspapers?
josh: ohhhhhhh, you know, damn it!
(rolls back over)

josh (rolls over): "PIE!" (rolls back over and goes to sleep)
*note: josh doesn't even like pie*

me: josh, stop grinding your teeth.
josh: i'm still chewing on food!
me: no you're not.
josh (angrily): YES I AM!
me: no, you're not. you're sleeping.
(josh opens his eyes and looks confused, then lays back down and falls asleep)

josh: anything on the menu is $5.
me: what?
josh: she can pick anything on the menu and its just $5.
me: what menu?
josh (props himself up on his elbows and motions to his pillow in front of him): this menu here.
me: that's not a menu, that's your pillow.
josh: don't be dumb, just listen to what i say! (rolls over and falls back to sleep)
*when josh rolled over 5 minutes later i asked him if he was awake and he said yes. this time i asked what he was dreaming about, and he laughed and told me mcdonalds*


  1. Oh, geez, I am also a restless sleep talker. Sometimes, I sing. . .

  2. i wish i knew what i was thinking when i say these things! ah!

  3. Lol, my boyfriend talks in his sleep too! It's so freaky, beacuse he's so serious and sincere about the silly things he's saying. Good times!

  4. You should do these entries more. Like, every time he does it.