Sunday, December 6, 2009

musical monday: rock'n'roll christmas playlist


as i recently mentioned, i do not dig christmas music. when i am out shopping and stores are playing it, i want to leave and knock over racks of things on my way out.


before you go pegging me a scrooge, allow me to redeem myself. as long as i have a little rock'n'roll in my life, everything will be juuuuuuust fine. so if i approach christmas music in the good ol' hot trash fashion, i might even enjoy it a little. imagine that!

here is a playlist of some of my favorite "unconventional" christmas jamz. feel free to look them up and put them on your own holiday playlists. i still haven't made up my mind completely about whether or not i'll be playing a strictly christmas setlist on my radio show the week of christmas (so that means on tuesday, december 22)...but chances are if you tune in you will hear a song or two (or 12) from this list! i hope to party with some of y'all that nite.

but here's a start if you wanna get in the spirit early...sock it to me, santa!

*white christmas - stiff little fingers
*sidewalk santa - the blowtops
*sock it to me santa - lazy cowgirls
*merry christmas, fuck you - jet boys
*soulful christmas - james brown
*there ain't no sanity claus - the damned
*another christmas - the yobs
*santa stole my baby - the mistreaters
*plump righteous - the king khan and bbq show
*another rock'n'roll christmas - gary glitter
*lil drummer boy - the bomboras
*monster's holiday - bobby "boris" pickett and the crypt kicker five
*run run rudolph - the humpers
*i'm getting pissed for christmas - peter and the test tube babies
*i wish it could be christmas every day - the devil dogs
*feliz navi-nada - el vez (the mexican elvis)
*i'm gonna lasso santa claus - brenda lee
*let's just fuck for christmas - bantam rooster
*nothing for me - the muffs
*merry christmas, baby - otis redding
*santa claus - thee headcoatees
*christmas is my time of year - the monkees
*very shitty christmas - gob
*santa claus boogie - hasil adkins
*rock and roll santa - the's
*merry christmas - wesley willis
*village idiot - the sonics
*silent night - the dickies
*santa's got a gto - the ramonas
*christmas (baby please come home) - new bomb turks


  1. thank you thank you! best list ever!

  2. p.s. i haven't forgotten about your sweet offer to make zoe a mix cd. but, she's not home now - not sure if you've been able to keep up with the chaos going on around my place... she can't have cds or anything right now. but your offer was more than nice, and i didn't want you to think it went unappreciated! {hugs}

  3. This is a new way to look at music for sure..

  4. no worries diane, let me know when she's home :)

  5. I love the list! I love Christmas music and listen to it all year round. I can't wait to look up these tunes and add them to my playlist. Thanks!

    You should add Fairytale in NY by The Pogues. I featured that one last week. That's not your typical Christmas song. You might like it. ;-)

  6. Forgot Mojo Nixon's "Christmas Christmas"...