Friday, October 23, 2009


yes, it's almost that time again. WAH. almost time to beg and grovel in the hopes that WCSB fans and listeners will find it in their hearts to donate a little somethin' somethin' to the cause.

THAT'S RIGHT! our nonprofit, volunteer-run radio station needs your dollars and cents. this is the one time a year we ask for donations to keep our station up and running. this is the only way we pay for new/upgraded equipment, make new music purchases, and pay our bills throughout the year. all djs donate their time and resources to make WCSB what it is, and we ask that our listeners show their support and gratitude by donating whatever is possible during radiothon.

this year, radiothon is taking place from SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 8th through SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15th. you can make a donation, however big or small, at any time throughout that week. when doing so, you are able to choose a premium as a sort of "thank you" gift from WCSB. a list of various premiums and their donation amounts will be posted shortly on our website, we always have cds, vinyl records, books, movies, gift certificates, official WCSB t-shirts and merchandise, and other cool stuff.

if you donate during hot trash on tuesday, november 10th between 11pm and 1am eastern standard time, here is the list of exclusive HOT TRASH ONLY premiums you can choose from:

$15 donation: sloppy slices and greasy greats: songs to stuff your face by [unlimited copies]
$15 donation: rowdy chug-a-luggers and sloshin' slammers: songs to pound beers by [unlimited copies]

$5 donation: one man band compilation cd [last year's premium - unlimited copies]
$5 donation: dance craze compilation cd [last year's premium - unlimited copies]

$7 donation: set of two (2) cassette singles by BEAT BEAT (austria) and THE SWEET SIXTEENS (indiana) [1 copy of set]

$10 donation: LORDS OF THE HIGHWAY "die, monster, die" cd [1 copy]
$10 donation: THE BLOWTOPS "deep thrust" cd [2 copies]

$8 donation: BEAT BEAT 7" (taco show/washing machine/get out of my life/lock the door) [1 copy]
$8 donation: THE ROMANCE NOVELS 7" (another summer/quarter to four) [2 copies]
$8 donation: FIRST BASE 7" (i've got a girl/nobody makes my girl cry but me) [3 copies]
$8 donation: SHOOT IT UP 7" (pop/we know you know we know/broadway glass/bringing me down/black bars/high up in the sky) [1 copy]
$8 donation: THE JOHNS 7" (in tune/crapped out/wanna die) [1 copy]

new this year are the hot trash FOOD and BOOZE mix cds, guaranteed to get the party started...or finished! you can also get last year's ONE MAN BAND compilation filled with 30+ one man bands from all over the globe (and even a one WOMAN band!) or if dancin' is your thing, grab last year's DANCE CRAZE comp and learn how to do the watusi, the bug, and the mope! don't know what i'm talking about? donate and get your copy so you can impress all your friends and be the belle of the ball! (you sweet little thang, you!)

there's also a bunch of records, cds and tapes that you can ONLY get during radiothon by donating during hot trash. once they're gone, they're gone. call in early!! support college radio!! donate generously!! get yourself a hot trash exclusive premium AND some cool WCSB swag by increasing your donation amount! not only will you get some neat stuff in return for your support, but you will be keeping college radio WILD and FREE on the airwaves and that's PRICELESS!

FIND ALL THE DETAILS AT start saving your pennies, radiothon is just around the corner!!!!

xoxo erin

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