Tuesday, October 20, 2009

for being named erin, where's all the luck of the irish i've been promised?!

just wanted to pop in today real quick like. i'm glad to say that life has not been as crazy bananas as it was a few weeks ago. josh and i have spent a lot of time together enjoying fall and getting ready for halloween. we have been preparing our costumes (i can't wait to show you the result on halloween, but let me assure you i get to be BLOODY!) and watching all the spooky stuff that comes on tv. yesterday we took a walk through our neighborhood and went to explore riverside cemetery, where some of the earliest residents of cleveland are buried. but i'll save that for another post when i can unload all the cool photos we took.

one thing i've got on my mind is that I FINALLY WON SOMETHING and ITS'S AWESOME! ha. you don't understand what this is like for someone who isn't normally lucky. apparently all those genes went to my brother, who seems to luck out all the time (finding $100 bills on the ground, winning trips to cancun, etc!)
so this is the first blog giveaway that i've come away from victorious and i'm happy to say it was from the lovely agonys decay. pretty soon i'll be sporting a custom pendant featuring the well-known "eternal embrace" image. TOO COOL!


speaking of giveaways, i also entered the fall giveaway over at octoberfarm's blog. among the goodies are some cranberry soap and cranberry taffy...that was all it took and i was SOLD! you can become a blog follower and enter too, but hurry! :) and this one over at jammer designz is for a cool creepy hairclip that you KNOW i would just love to rock. cross your fingers for me!

finally, my good pal MAB tagged me for a fun game of 20 questions. except there aren't 20 questions and i'm allowed to make up as many as i want in addition to the ones she already has. i don't know who to tag because last time no one really followed through, so just go ahead and consider yourself TAGGED if you so desire!

1. Hair color? normally boring brown, dyed "brown black"
2. Eye color? hazel
3. Height? 5'0 :(
4. Last book you read? the executioner's song (finally finished, thanks MAB!)
5. Last movie you watched? friday the 13th part 3
6. Last song you heard? mean old man by wolfboy slim and his dirty feets. (josh's secret one man band) :D
7. Last food you ate? fresh mozarella and artichoke hearts
8. Favorite color? red
9. Favorite ice cream flavor? ben and jerry's phish food
10. Birthday? valentine's day, feb 14th
11. Biggest star crush? besides wolfboy slim? billie joe armstrong.
12. Lucky number? 12
13. Best childhood memory? sleepovers with my cousins beth and amy
14. Side sleeper, back sleeper, belly sleeper? right side sleeper
15. If there is a heaven, when you get there, what do you hope God says to you? i don't want him to say anything, i just hope he gives me a thumbs up or the surfer "radical" sign or something.

i'm adding on!

16. What's your theme song? 'rock'n'roll girl' by paul collins beat
17. Coolest thing you've ever found at the thrift store/flea market/garage sale? i guess it's pretty morbid of me to say some guy's suicide note, isn't it? there was mail and photos donated along with it, so knowing his name i was able to check the recent obituaries and confirm it. sad. but besides that, i guess it would be vintage 45 cases still filled with 45 records. sometimes i miss working at the thrift store :(
18. If you could have anything as a pet, what would it be? besides collecting 235858 more cute kittens, i would want an otter. or five!
19. Name a movie you can quote every line from? 'wet hot american summer' or stephen king's 'IT'
20. 5 things you want RIGHT NOW (if money were not an issue): jukebox, classic car with fins and lots of chrome, the bronze bigfoot garden statue i saw in a magazine, a job in a bookstore, a proposal of sorts :D


  1. Wow, cool--i love winning giveaways--it's like getting a surprise gift from fate :)

  2. First off, I followed through!!! Almost no one. Pfffffffffffft. All you needed was ME!

    Secondly, I, too, am waiting for you to get a "proposal of sorts". And not just so I can buy a new outfit for your "proposal of sorts" event.

    Third of all, grow a mustache so we can start our circus.

  3. Congrats and what a WIN you lucky Erin you! It's your turn!

    Speaking of luck, I just bought us a big container of fortune cookies last week and I've been eating one or two (usually in the morning ha ha) and I'm pretending that every wonderful thing I read will come true! I'll let you know how it goes :)

    I can't believe you found a suicide note! I used to work at a thrift store too. My job was to throw newly priced items in a cart and wander around the store rockin' out to classic rock while I put shit wherever I wanted lol! Seriously! The worst part was the crazy old ladies who followed me around!!!

  4. Erin! You and Franklin the cat share Valentine's Day as a birthday! How cool is that! Come over next year for a tuna party!