Sunday, October 4, 2009

deep breath

PHEW! life has been so busy between out of town houseguests, being sick, and amy having the baby and being in the hospital. i have hardly had a minute to breathe, let alone sit down and write.

on friday nite josh and i dropped off some of our photographs for the upcoming low life gallery halloween spooktacular art massacre. this is our first art show and i'm very excited to be in one with one of my favorite themes -- halloween! i'm also very honored to be asked to be a part of this group show among so much local talent. it should be a blast. opening night party is next saturday, october 10th from 6-10pm. if you are in the area, please come! it would mean a lot to us.

i sold my two "cuddle with a serial killer!" pillowcases the other day. that was awesome, but at the same time i am going to miss them as i've grown quite attached. at least they are going to a good home in chicago. now it's time to make more!

last nite i went to see wizzard sleeve (i took some pictures and some video, so i will share that later on i'm sure). tonite is my friends vee dee, with the box elders and tv ghost. should be good.

josh's birthday is on wednesday and he will be turning 22. god, the kid makes me feel so OLD! ha. obviously i don't have a lot of money to do something special for him, but i've at least been trying to find out what he wants for dinner so he won't hate his life when he comes home and finds out i've made him a big pile of vegetables. josh hates vegetables. anyway, josh claims that he wants "steak, wrapped in bacon!" because he saw a commercial on tv for some restaurant. i cook, but i do not cook steaks wrapped in bacon. looks like we may be having a nite out. heh. josh also does not like cake, or most sweets of any kind, so i'm stumped as to what i can make for him in place of a birthday cake. last time i said to hell with it and made a recipe i found for "coca cola cake," since he is obsessed with coke. even that sat with two pieces missing until finally i had to throw the thing out. any suggestions?

not much else, just hoping life will start to settle down again...

p.s. rock'n'roll pajama parties part 3 will continue at a later date!


  1. Busy indeed! Good for you selling the pillow cases!!! Time to make more then yeah? 22 my god--I feel old too now thanks a lot! Does he like prawns by chance? You can do bacon wrapped prawns in the oven quite easily and they're awesome! He doesn't like cake or most sweets? Crazy! I wish I had that problem!

  2. Why don't you make a bikini out of bacon and serve yourself to Josh?? A cute girl in a bacon bikini beats a steak any day.

  3. thanks, girlfriend! i ran out of money for his birthday but thats an awesome dinner suggestion for some other nite!

    haha oh lacey, of course you would suggest a bacon it!