Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ok, all you creative genuises...

i need your help.

i know i keep being very secretive lately and i apologize, but i have an announcement that i'm simply NOT ALLOWED to reveal yet. but when i do, i will need a fantastic halloween costume to go with my secretive (AND AWESOME) plans.

any ideas? i don't have a lot of money so i need something that will be easy. i could definitely go for funny or creepy. offensive doesn't even bother me. after all, this was me last year when we entered the "most offensive costume" contest at the bar:



one slutty, pregnant nun...coming right up! too bad you can't see the "i <3 dick" pin i was wearing. and for the record, josh was even worse. how nazi, pedophile priest doesn't win the "most offensive" award i will never know. the sign around his neck says "thank heavens for little boys." HA!


in the end, a bloody-spattered mary with her aborted baby jesus fetus won the contest. SHEESH.

maybe you know some good couple ideas that josh and i can do together? or something for me at least? i kinda want to be a mammy. the idea of blackface cracks me up. maybe i could talk josh into putting on some blackface and a really bad 80s sweater and being bill cosby.


  1. Oh, he could be Bill Cosby and you could be Lisa Bonet? I have to say, you do make one banging nun. I mean that as a compliment. . .

  2. HA thank you i'm glad us "heathens" can share in the joke!

  3. Are you getting married on Halloween? Is that the big secret???? I hope it IS!

  4. Lol! Nice. Yep, so obvious you are a product Catholic school! I wore my old uniform to a party once (and couldn't breathe all night cause it was so tight), but everybody thought I was Britney Spears. Guess that's pretty nightmarish though! I have a couple favorites from my past costumes:

    Cereal Killer-- You can glue cereal and blood all over yourself! Cheap, fun with just the amount of stupid, silly, and ridiculous :)

    Vampire Nurse-- I had so much fun with this--fishnets, Elvira wig, huge fangs! I even had an awesome blood bag that I carried on my shoulder. There were many nurses at the concert that Halloween, but none that were preying on their patients muahahahahaha!

  5. hahaha am i really so obvious?!? ; )

    those are great costume ideas! i like the thought of gettin all bloody :)

  6. Super easy and cheap, the hubs and I went as Sharon Tate and Charles Manson..I bought a thrift store nightgown, got some rope from around the house, blond wig, blood, etc..for the Manson costume, a Jesus wig and beard works best. Oh, the irony...hahahaha.
    I can email you a pic if you want!

    My friend Sam always does awesome play on words costumes..Devil in a blue dress..
    Blue dress, devil horns and tails, red high heels..and then one year she went as "holy shit"
    brown sack/dress and a halo and wings..hahahaha.

  7. HA i would love to see a photo!

  8. Hillarious, and fabulously offensive!! I wish I had an awesome costume idea to contribute...I will think on it!