Sunday, September 6, 2009

laugh out loud

i found out some fantastic news.

remember a few posts ago when i talked about josh's "black church"? well, i was talking to my mom last nite and i admitted that since i fell in love with the church's appearance from the outside, i was dying to see it inside as well. here is what i learned:

1. my uncle, who plays an organ in a church for a living, plays the organ in THE BLACK CHURCH. ha! i didn't realize.
2. because the black church is my uncle's church and has been for several years, my mom revealed that i actually have been inside it before.
3. mom admitted that not only have i been inside the church already, but "that's the one you peed at!" i vaguely remembered the story about how when i was a baby, pampers weren't as leak-proof as they are today, and when my parents went to pick me up...yeah, you see where this story is going.

so there you have it. WHO KNEW? my mom, apparently. hahaha.

i also wanted to say that i'm in the middle of reading a hilarious memoir called "dark at the roots" by sarah thyre. so far it's all told from the persepective of the author as a little girl -- a baaaad little girl. memoirs are my favorite thing to read, and usually my favorite memoirs are stories about crazy, fucked up childhoods and stuff. this one isn't weird, it's just about a badass little girl who does stuff like poop in the garage (and get caught) while she's playing hide-and-seek because she doesn't want to give up her hiding spot. here is my favorite scene that i loved so much i had to turn the page back and read it a second time. she is talking about talking a long bus trip with her mom and sisters:

"hey shroomy," i said. "come chew on my sock."
debbie trotted right over.
"whoa, now that's too much," becky said as debbie knelt in the aisle next to me.
"it's okay, i like the flavor," debbie chirped, her mouth muffled around my white cotton gold-toe, black on the bottom with trailways residue.

i hope i can write like this someday. but instead of pooping in my garage i guess i'll be peeing in churches.


  1. ROFL! Peeing in church. :) Nice! (Sure, you didn't mean to, but still!)

  2. Aaahhhh, you have a longtime connection to the church. No wonder your photos were so inspired! You'll have to include all of this in your book someday! It's as good as the sock bit.

  3. awwww thanks. i gotta get crackin.