Sunday, August 9, 2009

lazy sunday

i'm starting to feel a little better about the job thing, although i'm still not looking forward to going back tomorrow to finish out my last week or two. thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement -- it really means a lot! whether it was my friends at lacey's art show on friday (which was awesome!), my friends at dana's birthday party on saturday, my family, or even people i don't know leaving me comments in this blog...everyone reminded me that i did the right thing by taking a stand and i will be much happier making a fresh start. most of the people know firsthand how miserable i have been there, so they know how badly i needed this chance. plus, what can you say to a dead boy who tells you not to worry because he freaked out and quit his record store job here in cleveland in '77 to run off to new york to join the rest of the band "and look what happened to me!" he said it with a heaping spoonful of sarcasm, but he should give himself more credit. besides, i still got the point. better things are coming. everything happens for a reason. i have believed that for a long time. i have a feeling that people are going to try to talk me out of my decision when i go in tomorrow, but the huge weight i was carrying around on my shoulders is finally lifted and i know it's because i put my middle finger up (metaphorically, of course!) and said enough is enough. there's no turning back now.

on to some lighter news: what do you get when you combine lemmy, the fluffy cat with one of those sticky fly strips? obviously, hilarity ensues.

the other night josh and i hung some in the house to catch the flies that snuck their way in. we used clothespins to clip them to the pullstring of the ceiling fans so that they hung down in the center of the rooms. i told josh, "i'll bet you money that during the middle of the night lemmy is going to pull that down and it's going to get caught in his big bushy tail, and we're going to hear him tearing through the house freaking out." josh responded, "let's bet laughs instead. it's cheaper. and it's funnier." i had to concur. and it's a good thing i didn't bet money, because the next morning the fly strip was still hanging and lemmy's tail was as fluffy as ever.

cut to today. josh was in the kitchen removing the fly strip and i was hanging up a poster in the record room. all the sudden i heard him yell, "lemmy! no, lemmy! LEMMY!" immediately my suspicion went directly to josh.


by the time i got in there everything appeared to be normal, except that josh was laughing and lemmy went running. josh explained that as soon as he took the sticky strip down, lemmy reached up and batted at it. it stuck to his paw, pulling it out of josh's hand completely. the strip then proceeded to wrap AROUND the cat and stick to his long fur. josh already got him untangled when i arrived.

sounds like i missed out on all the fun, eh? fat chance.

i turned and saw lemmy licking himself with an alarmed face. i know that alarmed face. it's the same one from the tail-slapping-on-my-record-player incident (but that's another story for another time). i walked over to lemmy and touched his fur. he had sticky patches all over him from where the strip had been stuck. he couldn't clean it off because the glue obviously didn't taste good. that only left one option...

josh laughed and started walking away when he saw me head for the bathtub with lemmy in my arms, but he was not off the hook that fast. "josh! get in here!" he sighed, but he knew there was no getting out of it. as you can imagine, lemmy DOES NOT like baths. he acts kinda like this:


it took both of us to hold him down, get him wet, and shampoo him. he was a fucking BEAST. he managed to bite me in an attempt at getting away, but at least we got him unsticky.

lemmy spent the next 8 hours drying and restyling his hairdo.

it was hot out today. i mean HOT. one of those days when you have to lay around doing nothing and you look like a maniac because you need to spread out to take up as much surface room as possible in a desperate attempt at keeping ANY of your limbs from touching and therefore making you even hotter. pogo had it down pat, even taking up some of LEMMY'S personal space.


that left nothing else to do except lay around like a maniac and eat ice cream with raspberries.




  1. OMG with the fly strips, huh? My cats do that thing when they're hot where they just come in the room, stare at me and fall over. I always say, It's so hot all your bones melted again, huh?