Tuesday, August 4, 2009


over at the blog cat's corner there is a photo contest going on. the theme is "hidden" and i submitted a picture of pogo when she decided to hide under my snoopy rug. if you think she is a goof, won't you go ahead and please vote for her? i wasn't going to beg for votes until i saw the polls and realized poor pogo has zero lonely votes :(

i wish i could sit here in my nightgown and blog forever, but it's time to rock faces off. hey, somebody's gotta do it. it's almost time for the weekly radio show (and i hope y'all will tune in sometime, by listening on tuesday nites from 11pm-1am EST at www.wcsb.org!) get me while i'm on the air and send me a request! or just tell me you're listening so i can say your name on the radio and make you feel cool.


it's hot and i'm crabby. WAH.

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