Monday, August 24, 2009

bookworm, drew

i'm sure no one noticed, but i changed the picture on my blog. it's still nobunny, but this one fits on the page better. anyway.

nothing much has been going on, so i guess i don't have much to talk about. this is going to be a random entry.

i've been trying not to go out and spend money because i feel guilty that i don't have a job. today i went and put in an application at the book store because i have a mad crush on books and i would looooooooove to work at a book store. luckily i had a gift card left over from my birthday, so i got the following:

-camp camp by roger bennett and jules shell (full of photos and stories people sent in of their days at summer camp, mostly from the 70s and 80s. hilarious.)
-what a way to go: fabulous funerals of the famous and infamous by adele brown (describes the funeral service, last rites, final resting place, etc. some even have pictures from the funeral.)
-cowgirls, cockroaches and celebrity lingerie: the world's most unusual museums by michelle lovric (i love me some weird museums!)

i think i have a really great collection of books. lots of weird/creepy/disgusting/racy stuff. i love memoirs the best...the more fucked up, the better. i love true crime and reading about serial killers, and i can never pass up a good collection of crime scene photography. BRAINS! i keep thinking i want to start a new blog that has something to do with books, but i can't decide what to do. i don't want to just review everything i own, because i haven't even read everything i own yet. besides, do people really look at those kinds? i know there are a lot of fellow bookworms out there. any suggestions for what kind of book blog you would like to see?

i always wish i would get "tagged" for one of those blog things where your friends want to know random facts about you. i like making lists.

i feel like i have a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head and i can't get them all out.


  1. Consider yourself tagged.
    I NEED to know 10 more things about you.

    Most people hate them so I am very
    vague when I have to dole them out.
    Boy, are you in for it now.

  2. I just did some weid list thingamajig on my blog. Steal it! DO it! I want to know 36 things about YOU! Mine could've been wittier/more awesome...but I'm moody today.

  3. You could just write about whatever you're reading, and you could do that here, yeah? I write about movies all the time on my blog. Just whatever is passing through my head at the moment. It's your blog and you can do what you want!

  4. haha oh crap i'm really in for it now.

    and yes, i suppose i could just rant about books in here every so often...