Monday, July 27, 2009

upcoming things to do in cleveland

i have a sneaking suspicion that i have some secret readers here. but i have no idea how many of them (if any) are in the cleveland area. maybe this post will be pointless...but i'm hoping not. either way, you should leave me a comment to say hi or at least follow this blog so i can find yours :)

in a few weeks they are having a bazaar at now that's class. it's kinda like a punk rock flea market of sorts where people come to buy and sell records, vintage clothes, artwork, books, skateboarding stuff, etc. josh and i are gonna set up a table just for the hell of it to try to get rid of some old records and see if we can manage to sell a photo or two (also available in our etsy store hint, hint).


it is going to be inside and outside and feature live music, a cookout, and mad dog 20/20 sno cones! only the classiest. come hang out if you're around.

i heard a PSA on my radio station for this summer beach partygoing on this saturday and i totally wanna go. it's on a beach in one of the metroparks and they are having all kinds of fun stuff: sandcastle building, a bonfire, live animals (?!) and a screening of THE GOONIES at 9pm! so you can bring your beach blanket and listen to some steel drum music and then watch the goonies. that sounds awesome. wanna go?

finally, here are two shows i just got done booking so it's an early warning for you. first up it's bad sports, which features members of the wax museums (who are on hiatus, maybe for good). that show is at now that's class on wednesday, august 12.

then it's beat beat, coming all the way from austria. they have a cool song about tacos. they will be on tour with the sweet sixteens. the show is at now that's class on monday, september 28th.

i know i've said this before, but i am a super lucky girl that i have a friend like paul and a venue like now that's class that pretty much lets me book whatever i ask him to. if he didn't put on a lot of the shows i asked about, they probably wouldn't have happened at all. despite the fact that i am the last person one would think of to have a love affair with a BAR of all places, i love it with my whole heart.

in other news, i don't want summer to end.


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  1. The Goonies is ties for my favorite movie (with Poltergeist). I couldn't put one before the other...they're so different. Anyway, if that beach party thing was any other day...I'd TOTALLY go. But I have to paint. It's my last weekend.


    Sloth love Chunk!