Sunday, March 15, 2009

rock'n'roll marathon

josh and i decided to attempt a week and a half long marathon of rock'n'roll. it involved a show just about every single night. here are the results.

friday, march 6: we went to now that's class to see the inmates and midnight. things were not as crazy as i was expecting them to be. both bands were awesome. josh actually left without bleeding or being hit in the head for once! not a bad night.

saturday, march 7: we went to the agora cafe, which is actually now the new location of the town fryer. i had never been to the old location but heard a lot about it and was always curious. this time, we were there to see reverend dead eyes no man gospel band. i have a one man band fetish. we almost went home because the front doors were locked and when we peeked in the windows no one was inside, so we thought the fact that we were a half hour late might have meant we missed the show entirely. we got in by going around back and quickly realized the show hadn't even started yet and we were the only ones in there. aside from the staff and their friends, we remained the only paying customers of the show the entire night. it was awkward. but we met susie, the owner who is the cutest thing in the world. she endeared herself to us by making a comment about how they "don't much like to follow rules around there." perfect, our kind of people. we also made friends with mr. deadeye, and i apologized for dropping the ball when he asked for help finding a place to play last time he was in town. we talked about touring and one man bands and graveyards, and he told us about the collection of full moon water he kept in a storage space. he rules and we promised to take him to lakeview cemetery next time he is in town. he played two sets and proved to be one of the more talented one man bands that i've seen (he even did the whole first song blindfolded -- which was impressive enough to me that he was playing all those instruments by himself WITH eyes, let alone without them).

sunday, march 8: i dragged josh along with me to now thats class to see another one man band, john barrett's bass drum of death. thinking we were seeing an opening band, we watched two dudes play a very good set, then later found it was the newly named "bass drum of death" when one man apparently became two. they were fun, but i was disappointed that i came to see a one man band. also playing were the points, who have a huge live sound and sound a little bit like the marked men on their latest album, which i picked up at the show. good, especially for a free show.

monday, march 9: this had to be the first show i booked that i was disappointed with. ryan pits and the boy toys asked me to help get them a show, so i did. paul from now that's class booked the opening band, who just weren't my thing. i was supposed to dj, but when i got there i found that the person who did it before me switched things all around and everything sounded awful. the worst part was that i suspect the turntable motor is giving out, and in the middle of a record it would start spinning really slow and then right itself again. everyone kept looking at me like i didn't know what i was doing, so eventually i gave up and packed my things early. ryan pits and the boy toys played and seemed like they were totally bored or nervous or just not into it. they were not exciting to watch or hear, and i don't think they were enjoying themselves either. no one from the band ever came over to me and introduced themselves, said hi, smiled, waved, or thanked me for setting up the show. i have never had a band completely ignore me like that after asking me for a favor. paul told me after i went home that the band asked him where they could find a place to stay the nite, and paul told them "if you would have said something to erin, she would have put you up." i even cleaned my house just in case. oh well.

tuesday, march 10: i woke up sick and remained this way for the rest of the week. UGH. no going out to a show, but we had hot trash to do. it went as well as could be expected for feeling like i got hit by a semi-truck. i think it's very cute that josh comes with me every week even though he doesn't have to and i know he is tired in the mornings.

wednesday, march 11: this was our only scheduled night off. we lived it up by watching tv and going to bed sorta early. still very sick.

thursday, march 12: i was really excited to go see gentleman jesse and his men again, even though they were just here a few weeks ago with paul collins beat. they were opening for the black lips, a band i don't really enjoy on record but i do like to see live. while i was at work earlier in the day, jesse was gentlemanly enough to text me and say he put me and josh on the guestlist for the show...which was great because we're brokeasses and weren't looking forward to paying $12 each to get in anyway. when we got there the show was crowded, as the black lips are suddenly huge. there was a lot of drama because i guess the singer punched someone in the throat and put him in the hospital and ruined another girl's expensive camera by pouring beer on it because he was pissed at her for taking pictures of them while they played. get over it, geez. rockstars. after the show we went next door to downtown soulsville to have a soul danceparty. josh and i danced together, my new favorite thing, and i even watched russ romance shake his groove thang a little. eventually jesse and co. came over and hung out while they waited to pack up and come back to our house to sleep. jesse confirmed that the carbonas are indeed calling it quits, which is a bummer for me. after coming back home and making sure josh didn't throw up on anything important, we all crashed around 4am.

friday, march 13: we had every intention of going to now that's class to see the mishaps, a band i knew nothing about but josh assured me were good. but the fact that we were up so late the night before with our unexpected pajama party combined with my cold and our busy week so far...we both admitted defeat and stayed home in bed watching tv all night. it was awesome.

saturday, march 14: we went to now that's class to see the legendary BLOWFLY. he is sorta like a 70-year-old, raunchy, black version of weird al. he is known for taking such classics as otis redding's "sittin on the dock of the bay" and black flag's "tv party" and turning them into gems like "shittin on the dock of the bay" and "vd party." we got there early enough in case the show were to sell out, and indeed a lot of people showed up. but after sitting there for almost 4 hours through a hip-hop band and lots of downtime, we finally admitted to each other that a)we would rather save the $30 it was going to cost us to get in, b)it was probably only going to be funny for 5 minutes anyway, and c) we would rather be eating taco bell and fucking. so that's just what we did. snuck out the door, ate nachos and got x-rated. i can't say i regret it, either.

i'm still sick.
i'm so in love with josh it's sickening.
we rule.

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