Sunday, March 22, 2009


last sunday, josh took me to a cute diner for breakfast. i can't believe i've never been there before, seeing as how it's like 5 minutes from my house. while we sat there, we compiled a list of things we want to do and places we want to go this summer. weekends are the only full days we have to spend together and really go out and do things. every saturday and sunday morning, one of us will inevitably ask the other, "so, what are we doin today?" and we wanted to make sure that we are never short on possibilities and wasting precious time when we could be out having adventures. that's what we always called it when we would go out bummin' last summer when we first started hanging out. usually we would take our cameras and find some creepy, abandoned place to take pictures.

anyway, here is our ongoing list:

-explore the abandoned chippewa amusement park before it gets torn down
-revisit my favorite place, lakeview cemetery
-find new cemeteries to explore
-go to the cleveland police museum and see the torso murder exhibit
-go to some train museum that josh knows about (hopefully there will be some boxcar hobos there, too)
-go to middlefield for the flea market/cheesehouse
-roadtrip to west virginia so josh can show me cool stuff (mudriver mall, hasil adkins grave, etc)
-go to all the local diners we can (annabelle's, ruthie and moe's, earle and jackie's street trolley diner, lester's diner, porky's, dan's dogs, the white turkey drive-in)
-hit up lots of flea markets/estate sales/garage sales
-play at the natural history museum
-roadtrip to philly (mutter museum) and atlantic city
-go fishing
-lots of carnivals and fairs!
-go to the harley davidson museum and eat in the diner car
-car shows!!
-see a horror movie at a drive-in
-go to an auction
-go on a picnic
-the zoo
-visit the allen county museum (weird collections of junk)
and above all,

josh and i spent all of last summer going on adventures and looking for dead bodies. surely, it has to happen sometime. i always imagine us going on some "stand by me"-type adventure where the payoff at the end is a dead body (but hopefully keifer sutherland won't have to tip me off about it first).

and finally, here is a picture that no one (except perhaps phoebe and her daily feet) will appreciate: a "tattoo" josh drew on me of a tattoo that he wants. because what screams, "hello, i'm from west virginia" better than a tattoo that reads "dirty feets"?? oh yeah, and did i mention that josh wants ME to tattoo it on him? nevermind the fact that i can't even draw a straight line with a pen, let alone a tattoo gun. HAHA. i love my hillbilly boyfriend.






  1. teeheehee. feeeeeeeets!

    i love it.

  2. um. ps:

    the word verification i got on that last comment was...


    i think this may be my new nickname.