Thursday, November 1, 2012

hot trash on the radio: my very first interview!

being the center of attention is not my thing. i get embarrassed easily and i tend to shy away from the spotlight. this might sound weird to some people, who say "well then how do you have a radio show?!" but i always tell them they have to put it in perspective: i'm up there in a room in the middle of the night, talking into a microphone with no one else around except josh. it's really easy to imagine that no one is on the receiving end, and often i have to trick myself into believing this or else i wouldn't be able to do the show. so it comes with a small sense of bashfulness (but also a huge feeling of honor) to have been interviewed by hollie at cool cleveland. she talked to me about my 8 years on the radio, playing records for people all over town, and my love for rock'n'roll. AND she described me with a quote from a little richard song, which was like the greatest compliment in the world. check it out!

Hot Trash on the Radio

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