Monday, November 12, 2012

30 day monkees challenge (via psycho jello/naked persimmons)

this was originally a 30-day monkees challenge posted on the psycho jello tumblr. because i don't have a tumblr but i still wanted to participate, i filled out the list all in one post here on blogspot. feel free to do your own, and link back to psycho jello and the affiliated site by naked persimmons! this took several days to complete to have everything just right, but i wanted to finish it in time for the monkees shows i'll be seeing this weekend. I CAN'T WAIT! this is one of the happiest moments of my whole life.

day 01 – Favorite photo of the Monkees.

this is my current favorite. i can't stop cracking up at mike and micky's faces, or the fact that davy is totally serious with that huge finger up his nose. and peter is just adorable peter.

day 02 – Favorite photo of Peter.

so boyish and adorable here!

day 03 – Favorite photo of Davy.

aww, he was just a little baby!

day 04 – Favorite photo of Micky.

this photo sums up micky perfectly

day 05 – Favorite photo of Mike.

day 06 – Favorite Monkee crotch shot photo.

it has to be!

day 07 – Post your favorite song from Headquarters.

"you just may be the one"

day 08 – Post your favorite song from Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones LTD.

"love is only sleeping"

day 09 – Post your favorite song from the Birds, the Bees and the Monkees.

"i'll be back up on my feet"

day 10 – Post your favorite song from HEAD.

"do i have to do this all over again"

day 11 – Favorite episode of the Monkees.

"i was a teenage monster"

day 12 – Least favorite episode of the Monkees.

"a coffin too frequent"

day 13 – Favorite song the Monkees/one of the Monkees wrote.

"the kind of girl i could love"

day 14 – Favorite song the Monkees didn’t write, but sang.

"99 pounds"

day 15 – A photo of one the boys topless.

how bout two for good measure?

day 16 – A quote from Peter.

"i'm the dummy, micky. i'm always the dummy." (head)

day 17 – A quote from Davy.

"i make a terrible sound!" (screen test)

day 18 – A quote from Micky.

"my mommy won't let me play with toys that burn, or scratch, or bash, or go boom" (tv episode "monkee vs. machine")

day 19 – A quote from Mike.

"i'd like to do a song off our latest album called headquarters...oh you know it. it's called scroungy girlfriend." (live 1967 album)

day 20 – Post your favorite Monkees song of all time.

"let's dance on"

day 21 – Post your least favorite Monkees song of all time.

"the day we fall in love"

day 22 – Favorite Monkee wife/girlfriend photo from the ’60s.

samantha juste dolenz

day 23 – Your favorite Monkees solo song.

hands down! "don't do it" by micky dolenz

day 24 – Your favorite Monkees lyric.

"my fingers are still burning from the last time" (the girl i knew somewhere)
just because the mike/micky harmonizing gives me goosebumps every time

day 25 – Favorite slashy moment in Monkees history (can be a description, photo or gif)

maybe a little tame, but i love to see them cuddle ; )

day 26 – Scariest Monkees photo of all time

for so many reasons...

day 27 – One thing you learned NOT TO DO from the Monkees.

sell my soul to the devil ; )

day 28 – Which one of the Monkees (then or now) are you most like.

peter -- quiet but goofy

day 29 – Reasons you love the Monkees.

they're silly,

they're cute,

they're an awesome rock'n'roll band!

day 30 – Favorite photo of one (or more) of the Monkees looking stoned/drunk.

"HOW?!" no doubt about it :)


  1. man I wish I had time and a good internet connection so that I could do this too