Thursday, June 30, 2011

fan girl

i had a total fan girl moment today and it was sort of embarrassing, but ultimately awesome.

i was standing behind the counter at work and a lady came up and started asking my coworker about getting some tshirts made (we have a heat press and can make shirts with transfers while they shop). while she stood there i thought to myself, "you know, that looks like.....naaaaw, why would SHE be here?" but as soon as i heard her voice, i knew it WAS her.

"is your name kerri?"

this is the point where my mouth just overtook all my common sense and i started getting all silly. i wasn't even thinking about how i totally just interrupted their conversation. as she answered yes, all i could think was THIS IS KERRI KENNY-SILVER from my favorite show in the whole wide world standing in my store!!!

you may know her as kerri, the only female member of the 90s comedy sketch show "the state" (<3<3<3!!!!!) or as trudy wiegel from the show "reno 911." i told her that "the state" was my favorite show of all time, and that i had actually seen her play a show with her old band "cake like" several years ago at the club that was just down the street from where we were. she was super nice and kept calling me names like "sweetie." she was in town shooting a movie and i had absolutely no idea. as if it wasn't enough to blow my mind that she was randomly standing in front of me, she went on to tell me and my co-worker that the reason she was picking out the tshirts she wanted was because her dad was the voice of the characters: sonny the coco puffs bird, count chocula, and lion-o from thunder cats!!! WOW! mind. officially. blown.

i tried to quietly tell another co-worker who she was and why i was so excited, and he thought it would be funny to embarrass me by yelling out in the store, "OK, WHICH ONE OF YOU IS FROM THE STATE! THIS GIRL IS A HUGE FAN AND SHE'S TOO EMBARASSED TO ADMIT IT!" kerri just laughed because she knew damn well i admitted it, over and over and over. then she sweetly asked, "do you have a camera on you?" and we went over to the joke and gag section (which makes perfect sense when you're taking a picture with a comedian, duh) to take a photo together.



and so did knowing that in exactly one year, i will be the wife of the cutest boy in the whole world :D


  1. To quote the Sloth guy, "Yay!!!"

  2. Hey that's cool, I love her! You look so cute and excited in that pic. ;-)