Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i wanna die (but not right now)

i was hoping to find a youtube video for the hubble bubble song used above as a title, but no luck. lest you guys think i am being morbid and depressed, let me assure you that i was just singin' at you.

still sick (day #28). it's blowing my mind that i've been sick this long. josh is doing a great job of taking care of me: cooking dinner every nite, making special stops at the store for sick supplies, and even dishing out hugs and kisses left and right with wreckless abandon as though he has NOT ONE SINGLE FEAR of getting sick himself. what a wonderful one. you got that right, marvin gaye.

the other day i told josh i wanted a baby. he wasn't surprised, cuz i say it all the time. however, this time instead of giving me a nervous smirk and making some kind of wisecrack, he told me, "you know they're gonna be a little demon just like me when i was little, right?" apparently josh was prone to fits of rage in public where he would kick and scream for "DONALD FRY FRY!" (french fries from mcdonalds) until he got his way. he also told me recently that if we were to have a kid, he would let them roll around in the mud whenever they wanted to and dress up like a werewolf even if it was the middle of summer. even if its a girl. if i thought josh was a handful, i can hardly wait to see what life is like with a josh jr. in the picture.

speaking of josh, i noticed the other nite that we have some of our best conversations ever when we are laying in bed at nite, giggling in the dark. i love that.

this weekend my faux-niece will turn 1 year old! i can't believe time has gone by so quickly and i have been her nanny for this long already. it's cute that she is fairly attached to me since i am at her house so often...i love her to pieces!


in other news, today is jerry lee "the killer" lewis's 75th birthday -- awesome! hope he's gettin down with his bad self.


  1. Girl, I was thinking about you today, and wondering how you were. You feel better soon, okay? And you two would be great parents.

  2. Sorry you're sick! Hope you get better soon... I'm getting a nasty cold myself, which I must point out was caught from recklessly kissing my sick husband!

    And I must second MAB. You two would have the cutest baby and would make the coolest parents.

  3. AWWWWW, thanks you guys!
    i hope you get well soon, frogbag :(

  4. Get well soon. Then you and Josh can get working on that baby werewolf.

  5. OK...first off...get well already! What did the doc say? I'm worried about you!

    Secondly, I can't wait for you to have a baby. Awesome sauce!