Thursday, April 22, 2010


it's official: i am addicted to the new treasury east. i lay in bed at nite thinking of themes and sit on the computer for hours browsing ridiculous keywords like "yee haw" and "bigfoot." i've been quite satisfied with the results though, so i can't really complain. in addition to my rock'n'roll treasury, i also created one inspired by my love for mysterious creatures and one inspired by my hillbilly boyfriend, the love of my life!

they DO exist!

my long hair just can't cover up my redneck

i also added a new series to the shop today...please welcome my rock'n'roll tote bags, inspired by lyrics from some of rock music's greats!

red runaways tote bag

white dead boys tote bag

red tommy james and the shondells tote bag

i look forward to making more of these, especially because it will be neat to feature bands/artists whose products are hard (or impossible!) to find! for instance, have you ever seen a fats domino shirt?? me either, but i would die for one. don't be surprised to see some little richard, frankie valli and the four seasons or iggy and the stooges goodies coming your way soon! that's just how i roll.