Saturday, April 3, 2010

lament of the giant cheeseburger that was not to be

hey everybody! sorry i haven't been around much. things have been a little crazy and stressful round these parts. early this week, my aunt went to the hospital complaining of blinding headaches. it was so bad that not only could she not open her eyes, but even the light coming through her eyelids was too much! she had to sit in a hospital bed with a towel over her eyes. things happened quickly from there: monday she went in, by tuesday she was transferred to the cleveland clinic and it was confirmed there were spots on her brain scan, by thursday she had brain surgery to remove them, and by today she is already home! i don't think the test results are in yet as to whether or not it was cancerous, so we still have our fingers crossed that the worst is over. this is my aunt who is the mother of my cousins beth and amy, so we have all been super stressed and it has meant some weird hours watching the baby so that amy could do what she needed to visit her mom and make up hours at work. i'm super glad this week is over and things seem good at the my aunt was able to get home right before easter and be with the rest of the family!

because i haven't been around, i didn't get to post about how honored i was to be mentioned in the morbidly fantastic blog wouldn't you like to see something strange? the lovely diane did a feature on my "cuddle with a serial killer!" pillowcases and that tickled me pink. when i listed the new ted bundy design earlier in the week, it sold within a matter of hours! time to get crackin and make sure everything is in stock when the regretsy book comes out this tuesday! ; )

before i go: i have a chip on my shoulder and i need to vent. this morning josh and i went to a garage sale where i saw a craigslist post saying they had a giant plastic mayor mccheese for sale. I KNEW THAT GIANT CHEESEBURGER NEEDED TO BE MINE! i figured the chances of making it mine would probably fairly good, seeing as how there aren't that many crazy people like me who would want a giant plastic cheeseburger in their house. i was even picking out where to put it in my mind. we got to the place and i spotted it on a table and i thought to myself, "damn! i knew it! it was meant to be! just sittin here, waiting for me..." then i walked up to it and noticed that dude had put a $650 price tag on it. he explained it was because it was "so rare." GEEZ! if only i had the foresight to steal a plastic cheeseburger out of a mcdonalds playground back in the eighties!

until next time, the search for treasures continues...


  1. Best wishes to your aunt! My father had brain surgery last year. Really scary, but all ended well. I'm sure it will for your family too!

    Who in the world would have the nerve to charge $650 for anything at a garage sale? Even a rare cheeseburger. That's just wrong.

  2. I am glad your aunt got to spend Easter with the family.

    $650 for a plastic cheeseburger is a bit outrageous. Who would pay that??? Insane. lol

  3. hey guys, thanks for the support with my aunt...and with my poor cheeseburger! ha!
    frogba: i'm sorry your dad had to go through with that but i'm soo glad to hear he's ok!