Thursday, April 29, 2010

i hope he stands by ME!

happy thursday, y'all. here is a teaser playlist from this week's hot trash. it's a shame that out of the 40-some songs i played i can only find about ten of them on this website, but oh well. that gives you all the more reason to tune in and see what you're missing!

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i have some pretty silly/awesome news. next month on sunday, may 23 i will be dj'ing a show with COREY FELDMAN. haha yes, THAT corey feldman and his band "the truth movement." i'll be on the same bill as teddy from "stand by me!" and mouth from "the goonies!" and edgar frog from "the lost boys!" hahaha. some of my favorite movies EVER. how fun.

my cousin beth and i will be playing records before/after/between bands. our friend the tony meda project is opening the show. we haven't hung out with him in years and it's been even longer since we saw him perform, so i'm pretty stoked for that as well. the first time we saw him play was actually with corey feldman several years ago. we laughed sooo hard at his set. later he came up to us and made friends and the rest is history.

do you think i can endear myself to corey by playing some jackson five??? when we saw him a few years ago we got our pictures taken with him after the show. he told us to tell everyone we stayed out all night partying with him. maybe this time we will. heh.


  1. 1. "Little Demon" is an amazing song. Pure awesomeness!

    2. Corey Feldman was my biggest childhood crush besides Anthony Michael Hall.

  2. 1. YES. and it was a request. i love when people have good taste and request awesome things.
    2. no matter what anybody says, corey feldman is awesome. you should go, it's pretty funny/awesome to see him rock out...