Monday, March 22, 2010

exciting news here at hotel hot trash...

so i have some exciting news to share with you guys:

my "cuddle with a serial killer!" pillowcases are going to be included in the upcoming regretsy book!!!

a few months ago when the book deal was announced, i submitted my pillowcases for consideration. april (a.k.a. helen killer) seemed amused, but i didn't know if i would be chosen or not. shortly after that i signed a consent form to let them use my photo in the book, but i still didn't know if i was being chosen or just considered. the last step was to email them a photo to use, and i figured by that point my chances of appearing in the book seemed pretty good. that is, until last week when april announced on regretsy that she got her copy of the finished book from the publishers and they had apparently cut some of the contributors. i spent all weekend crossing fingers and toes...and received official word today that i made the cut and will be in the regretsy book, due to be released on april 6th (in just about two weeks!) i've been dying to say something all along, but i didn't want to jinx myself and wind up not making it in after i went and blabbed to everyone.

i know regretsy is a controversial website among etsy lovers and other crafters. but honestly i have been a fan since the moment i stumbled upon it. call me a jerk, but i have always been the person laughing at things that are inappropriate. that's just me -- the inappropriate jerk. love it or not, this is a big deal to me that regretsy chose to include one of my designs in their book. i'm pretty sure there was well under 100 submissions chosen, so i feel super lucky to have been picked. when a book comes out of the most wild, unusual and downright awful creations being found on the internet, cuddling with a serial killer DAMN well better be included among the themes! ha. i'm fine with that. scratch that, i'm THRILLED with that.

so anyway, the book will be available in stores (borders, barnes and nobles, amazon, etc) on april 6th but you can preorder today. i saw that was offering preorders for $9.45 instead of the original $14.00 listing price. i can't wait to see the finished product!

one of my dreams has always been to publish a book. this is a tiny baby step being published in someone else's book, but next up is one from me..just you wait and see :D




    that's so awesome. i love regretsy, even as someone who makes a decent supplemental income on etsy. i am psyched for you!!

    love it!!!

  2. Awesome! Congrats, Erin. I hadn't seen that site before... I'll have to check it out.

  3. Congratulations! I love reading that site!

  4. I think that's so wonderful and fun. Good for you! I also giggle over the site. She does some smart writing there.

  5. THANKS EVERYONE! i'm so excited :D