Monday, February 1, 2010

musical monday with batman and robin


last chance to participate in musical monday and be entered into the contest!

here is a band i wish more people knew about. i am dying to see them! they're from austria and i REALLY hope they decide to tour at some point, because i have no plans to visit austria in the near future.

they are modern day superheros who rock out and can't stop saying "UH!" they describe themselves as "two guys in panties who drink off their asses in order to abuse some criminals." they also speak funny broken english. how is that NOT intriguing?!? i also love the fact that when they play live, one of the guys wears a paper bag on his head as a mask.

i was completely won over by them when i ordered their second 7" and it came with a paper mustache that you can cut out and "put it in your ugly face. UH!" hahaha.

they also have some of the best song titles ever:

-my hero power is my mustache!
-unable to speak after drinking UH!- whiskey!
-i feel pretty good while smashing other people
-be my little cat
-wonder what to do? UH! no problem! i have the bat-belt!


you can check them out on their myspace page...for your own good, i strongly suggest you do. UH!

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  1. they are fantastic!! love this!!

    btw - i'm making you my Mourner of the Month, dahling.