Thursday, January 21, 2010


please tell me if i'm in the wrong here.

a few days ago, a lady took it upon herself to police an etsy thread i posted in. she then had the nerve to write me a nasty message about how the link to my blog that i posted was "very offensive" and that i was violating the terms of the "family-friendly" thread i was posting in. she pointed out that some people on etsy have young children and she had three children in the room with her when she clicked on this very offensive link. at first i was completely puzzled until i realized she was talking about nobunny.

um, seriously?

1) i would think that she should be doing a better job parenting with three children in the room and not sitting on the internet on a message board, but that's just me.
2) people are "VERY OFFENDED" at underwear? a picture of a man in a bunny mask and a pair of tighty whities offends your sensibilities so much that you feel the need to message a complete stranger and wag your finger in their face?

am i that extreme? have i been to so many punk rock shows in my lifetime that nothing shocks me anymore (least of all A BUNNY MAN IN SOME UNDERWEAR)??? i was left wondering if this woman sent angry letters to victoria's secret every time a commercial with busty, sultry models came on the tv and three children happened to be in the room. for goodness sakes.

have i been totally oblivious to my readers feelings for the past year by offending you with my indecent content? the thought never even occurred to me. if so, i'm sorry to you (the followers)...but not to that old hag. WHOOPS! that was mean. oh well.

i wanted to write her a message about getting her panties in a bunch, but i didn't want to hit a sore spot. ZING!


  1. I personally don't think you've been offensive ENOUGH. Try and up that in 2010, will ya?

  2. nobunny is being replaced by a picture of gg allin eating his own poop ASAP.

  3. Ah, there are uptight puritans all over the place who feel the need to let you know how indecent you are. Your blog is full of sweetness, love and appreciation for your life. The panty-bunched one can go suck a puddle.

  4. Hi, my name is Marie. I've been quietly following your blog for a while now. (found through Lacey's blog)
    Anyways, what the hell did this woman think she was going to get when she clicked on a link for a blog called "Trash You Up"???? I know the first time I did, I expected and hoped for something offensive. I love reading your blog. I'd have to agree with all the comments above, she can suck it.

  5. haha i'm glad we all think alike. or else we're all just punk rock. or both.

  6. Lol, awesome. It never ceases to amaze me how some people react-I mean, the internet is full of truly offensive images (which yours is so not). Kids should learn that grown men like to play dress up to!

  7. how much you wanna bet the same lady was totally cool with needless bloodshed in the middle-east circa a few years ago?

    man+bunny+underwear is not offensive. don't worry bout it.

    etsy is a weird spot, and it is interesting to see what happens when such wildly different groups as punk rock crafters and homeschool crafters get together...