Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gettin in the spirit

tonite will be the christmas edition of hot trash radio! so if you're into 2 hours of unconventional punk/rock'n'roll christmas songs, your butt should be parked right here in front of the computer! you can go to the hot trash myspace page for all the times and places and info...or if you're really on the ball, you can just tune into the live stream at wcsb.org! that's tonite from 11pm-1am est with your host, ME!

and just in case you aren't in the christmas spirit yet, here are some video clips to help you on your way.

anyone remember the muppet christmas movie, the christmas toy? it was one of my childhood favorites!

who could forget the pee wee's playhouse christmas special! little richard is in it, ice skating and bein sassy!

here's a little gem. sorry everything has been from the 80s generation so far, but that represents my childhood :) this one is ridiculous for so many reasons! namely:

a) donny's pants that look like sweatpants
b) when arsenio joins in the rap
c) when joe says the line about santa burning his butt
d) the fact that you can't find jordan's bellybutton ANYWHERE

this one is a new favorite i didn't find about about until last year when i worked at the thrift store and someone donated it. what's better than a cute muppet otter celebrating christmas?? a cute muppet otter celebrating christmas by starting a jug band!!!

i wanted to post the "christmas carols" skit from one of my favorite sketch comedy teams "stella" but it was nowhere to be found! instead i found this live skit singing different christmas carols. it's inappropriate, but DAMN are they funny!

here's a jam you'll hear if you tune in to hot trash tonite:

i hope everyone is getting excited about christmas...i know i am!

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