Tuesday, November 3, 2009

interview at THE CREATIVE MIXX

hey all. things have been busy again and i'm falling behind on where i should be -- sorry! at least i got my day of the dead fest pictures up ON day of the dead, so that was a minor accomplishment for me yesterday!

today i have some really exciting news because i was just featured in the blog the creative mixx. the lovely necole did an interview with me and it turned out BEAUTIFUL! it's my biggest feature to date and i'm so grateful she asked me to be a part of it. please take a look, she spent a lot of time on it!!!

i still have lots of photos to upload from halloween and i can't WAIT to show you. the wcsb masquerade ball was a SMASH! it was packed and everyone i talked to had sooo much fun. look for more of that in my next update.

i have some errands to run but maybe i'll get to add more later. we'll see. hot trash is on the air tonite if you happen to remember! www.wcsb.org from 11pm-1am eastern standard time!


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  1. Congrats missy :) You guys are quite a pair, I must say!