Tuesday, October 27, 2009



i have some news!

as most of you know, i quit my awful job a few months ago thinking it would make me a happier person. and while leaving that place took a lot of bad feelings with it, it brought a whole slew of NEW bad feelings along to keep me company. ones that i never bargained for such as guilt and depression over being unemployed. well, i got some news the other day that is mostly FABULOUS, although it has its pros and cons. more pros than cons, though. alright alright i'll just spill already: my cousin amy asked me if i wanted to be charlotte's "nanny" on the days she and matt both work. how exciting!

here are the pros:

-i get to hang out with cute little charlotte all the time
-matt and amy don't have to leave their baby with a stranger
-matt and amy will save money since they don't have to pay for daycare
-i will finally have some money coming in!
-this will only be 3 days a week (usually)
-i will have a job where i don't have to wear a uniform and could show up in my pajamas if i wanted. i can also read a book or play on the internet or do whatever if she is asleep.
-i can keep doing all my side stuff (etsy, blogspot, etc) without feeling overwhelmed because this won't be a full time job
-it will be practice for the future and hopefully ease josh into the idea of having kids someday ; )

the cons:

-i won't be making much money, at least not like i would at a normal job
-i will probably be seeing a little less of josh, since a few hours are on his day off that we normally spend together (unless i can talk him into going! ha)
-i'm scared of continuing to stress josh out, since i still probably won't be able to contribute equally to our expenses. we talked about this before i accepted and he told me to take the job but to let my cousin know that if a serious job opportunity were to come up for me, i would have to take it. in a way, i'm hoping it doesn't because i'm really excited to do this. but i also don't want josh to get fed up.

so i guess that's it. there is more to be excited about than not...but the few worries i do have are still pretty serious ones. i guess all i can do is go into this hoping for the best. maybe the shops (swamprat and frenzy) will pick up a little with the holidays coming and that would help ease my mind. i dunno. it's going to be an interesting new chapter for me, i can tell you that much!

here is little charlotte taking a nap, about 3 and a half weeks old. i borrowed this from amy so i hope she doesn't mind!

here is some more news that i'm happy about. i am currently included in THEE most fabulous treasury with a "dark carnival" theme!! it was made by the lovely creepling, who makes tentacle accessories. awesome! please check out the treasury and click away! i would love to see this thing make it to the front page. isn't it amazing??!?


i also got the pendant i won from agonys decay in the mail the other day. it was even better in person!! and not only did i unwrap the necklace but my envelope was filled with all sorts of goodies and samples. it was like spooky, bloody christmas came early! thanks so much jenny! please take a minute to check out her shop and all the wonderful things she has to offer. i'm drooling over those seahorse cameo pendants! sigh.


  1. cute baby ! that should work out well for both of you. I had to quit my job when I had my baby but then I started working for my dad because I can take my daughter to work with me.

  2. Man, that pendant is gorgeous. You deserved presents. Yeah, roll with this, and if something else pops up, roll with that. It will all work out, I promise. We just need to keep on thinking good thoughts for one another, and keep on keeping on, girl. Some days that is harder than others, isn't it?

  3. Congrats on the nanny gig. It sounds, overall, like a good opportunity for you right now :) I COMPLETELY understand your feelings about not wanting to overwhelm Josh though. Maybe you could use some of your nanny money to pump up your Etsy sales with a little advertisement and promotion. A Craft Cult ad might be a good place to start. Also, I highly recommend making treasuries :)

  4. Cute baby!!

    Sometimes taking an easy, low-paying job that gives you ample time to work on the things you love ends up paying off in the end, so hooray for you!

    Also, you're so lucky that you won an Agony pendant! I have one of her Michael Myers rings - she's so awesome! We have the best Etsy team, huh? :)

  5. erica: thank you! now THAT sounds like the perfect working arrangement!

    mab: thanks for always making sure i keep my chin up :)

    lostearring: thank you, i'm pretty excited! i'm always trying to get a treasury and i never quite can! is there a science to it or am i just totally clueless?

    erin: thanks for the well wishes, i really think this will work out for everyone in the end. it's just scary going into. and yes, we sure do have an awesome team :D