Friday, September 18, 2009


the secret's out: WCSB is proud to present the 2009 halloween masquerade ball with special guests THE ZERO BOYS! this event is FREE and open to all. costumes encouraged! featuring your favorite wcsb djs playing records between sets (i might!), live music, costume contests and more!

other bands and event location to be announced.

check back for more info:

legendary indianapolis 80s punk band THE ZERO BOYS:

(they were soooooooo young here!)

the zero boys are one of those bands who started playing shows again recently and they STILL rule all these years later. i swear, you go see the zero boys live and you would think you were listening to "vicious circle" on your record player -- it sounds that exact.

THIS is why i need a good halloween costume! any more ideas for me and josh?!

gosh, i love my radio station :)


  1. Never heard of them, but they seem pretty cool! Might have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I worked with a girl who dressed all in white, tied a pie plate onto her head with holes poked in and carried around a rubber knife. She was A salt with a deadly weapon.