Friday, June 5, 2009

where's my umbrella drink?

as of this moment, i am officially ON VACATION. i don't have to step foot in that place for 9 glorious days. during that time, i plan to:

-hug my cats more often
-sleep in!
-spend josh's day off with him (we are deciding between the zoo and flea markets in amish country)
-catch up on reading the bazillion books i've been bringing home
-look for a new job
-hang out with my mom
-go to new york city! and hang with mags and frankie! AND SEE THE MUMMIES!!!
-clean the house (so i can show josh how much more i get done when i'm not at work, so that i can one day talk him into letting me quit. mawhaha!)

the other nite josh put together our new grill to make hamburgers for dinner. he came running in the house excitedly and told me, "now we're like a REAL couple, because we have a grill!" i couldn't help but laugh at him, and i told him that although it was a cute sentiment, i still thought we were a real couple before the arrival of the grill.

"yeah, i know, but...more of one," he insisted.

i love that kid. our one-year anniversary is rapidly approaching (at the end of june). i want to do something special but i don't know what. it falls on a tuesday, which sucks because we will both come home from work and then have to go do my radio show that nite. i'm still in awe that i have this amazing boy and a wonderful relationship and i never thought it would happen at all. i thought i would just go on having a crush from afar while he went on not noticing me. turns out we were just waiting for the right time to find each other.

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