Sunday, June 14, 2009

open for business

on friday, i spent the last official day of my vacation baking peanut butter cookies for my boyfriend while he was at work and starting our etsy store. we looked at hot rods at a cruise-in (and gave all the old guys puppy dog eyes, in case they thought we looked so cute that they wanted to give us their black and white '57 chevy).

yesterday we went to my mind's eye and bought records. i got some awesome compilations:

-chop suey rock (50s/60s songs "about the orient," which just means ridiculous doowop songs with exaggerated impressions of asian accents)
-las vegas grind #6
-twistin rumble # 5

we also finished our etsy store for our new hobby/business, swamp rat photography. ever since josh and i met, we have been going on adventures and taking pictures in weird/creepy/abandoned/backwoods places. a few months ago while going through our pictures, we decided they were actually pretty neat looking and wondered if other people would think so. we started blowing up the pictures and putting them together with mats and frames. we had them out during our yardsale last weekend, and while we didn't sell any, we got A LOT of compliments. we figured we would try one more time and put them up somewhere that people might actually appreciate them. we added them to our brand new etsy store last nite, and by this morning we had already sold one! it was the coolest feeling. someone we don't even know (from maryland!) liked one of our photographs enough to want it for their own. that's so neat.

so if anybody is into the stuff we're into (dead people and destruction), maybe you will find something you like.


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  1. You guys are too cute. I hope you catch my bouquet. Don't tell Karen. She's scary.