Monday, June 22, 2009

"its in our genetic profile to grill meat over an open flame. that's why we've lasted 2000 years." -josh

at the end of last week, josh and i went to see the strange boys at now that's class. they played on my radio show about two years ago...very talented and sweet dudes. we ended up having an impromptu pajama party and i only wish it would have been on a weekend so i could have stayed up and watched "battle royale" with them instead of having to pass out at 3am and get up for work a few hours later.

while we were at the show, a boy who was vaguely familiar sorta smiled at me, so i sorta smiled back. all nite long when he would walk by, he would sorta smile and i would sorta smile back. finally halfway through the nite he came up to me and asked, "erin?" and told me his name was andrew. it was one of those terribly awkward moments where i KNEW i should know him, but i couldn't figure out how or why. he saved me by quickly reminding me he was in the band the traditional fools, who are another lovely bunch of guys that stayed with me about a year and a half ago. they were one of the first bands to stay at my place when i moved here. i took them all to melt and bought them lunch, and they were so impressed with their grilled cheese sandwiches that they were taking pictures with their cameras. ha. so it was neat to see andrew again and even better than he had randomly hooked up with the strange boys and was driving around with them on tour when he got left outside canada with another band he was with. the reason i couldn't make the connection immediately was because i knew the strange boys were from austin, tx and the traditional fools were from california, so it never even dawned on me that they would know each other let alone both be in the same room with me in cleveland, ohio. regardless, it was a fun nite.

this weekend josh and i took it easy and hung out together. work gave me a meltdown on friday so we laid low at home. saturday we went out bummin' and hit up some thrift stores as well as the new big fun that opened in lakewood. came home and made shrimp/vegetable kabobs on the grill and sat outside on our tiny side porch eating dinner like hillbillies (barefoot and with beer in hand -- or in my case, fresh lemonade!) then we took the hillbilly to another level and i did the unthinkable -- gave josh a tattoo. let me remind you that i can't even hold a pencil straight to draw, let alone tattoo someone. i've never touched a tattoo gun in my life. yet for some reason my boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to let me tattoo "dirty feets" on his toes. i'll admit, it IS pretty funny (especially because of how awful of a job i did). but it was also TERRIBLE because i was so scared to do it and every time i put my foot on the pedal and heard the buzzing of the needle i freaked and told him i couldn't do it. also, there's the whole issue of my foot phobia. UGH!


then i decided it would be funny to get a fishbone tattooed on me. i randomly decided they were cute (and i figured that's exactly what my preexisting chococat tattoo would be dreaming about if he had thought bubbles). i guess i'll post a picture of my fishbone later because josh never uploaded it.

just now, we were watching a program on tv about people with ocd and there was a woman who had a miscarriage and was still upset about it 7 years later. probably, part of the reason she was still so upset about it was the fact that SHE WAS KEEPING THE REMAINS IN HER FREEZER IN A BROWN PAPER BAG. i did not realize hospitals gave patients the option to take their miscarriage remains home. and really? next to the tater tots that you serve your five-year-old son...? life is FUCKED.

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