Wednesday, May 13, 2009

won't you be my neighbor

every day when i get home from work and i'm so stressed out i want to karate chop cinder blocks with my bare hands, i sit down in front of the computer and unwind by spending time on here. i wish i had more friends on this site, or at least more interesting places to visit (not because the ones i already frequent aren't interesting enough -- NONSENSE! -- but because i am constantly in need of MORE MORE MORE! i am greedy that way.) some of my favorite things in life include lists, quotes, photographs, memoirs, essays, narratives, letters, diaries and journals. i guess it's the voyeur in me. just be thankful i'm not standing underneath your windowsill watching you change into your pajamas.

while you're here, make sure you drop me a line or add me or be a "follower" or do whatever it is you have to do to make your presence known. it's not easy to find people you know on here even though i know you're out there! but making new friends is just as nice. HOLLA.


  1. You are making me feel bad that maybe I should make a blog here. Maybe I will ma'am. Maybe I will.

  2. aw shucks thanks phoebe ; )

    dara: DO IT! DO IT, I DARE YOU!