Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Something happened over the weekend that I still can't believe.

If you know me even the slightest, you know I am a total cat lady. I love the three I have, and I'd be even happier if I could collect one in every color. Therefore, I still can't even believe it when I say that josh and I got a puppy over the weekend!

We talked before about how we sorta wanted a weiner dog. Josh likes big dogs, and I like little ones (but still not as much as cats, of course). Something we both agreed on was the fact that weiner dogs were pretty cute, though. On Thursday we heard someone was getting rid of a four-month-old dachshund puppy and we quickly decided it was now or never. By the time we could get out of work and pick him up, we were told he was no longer available and we were both a bit more heartbroken than we expected. On Saturday, I found out we could still have him. I made arrangements to secretly get him and surprise josh for his 25th birthday on Sunday. You should have seen the look on his face!

Josh named him Schlitzie after one of my favorite circus freaks, Schlitzie the pinhead. He is adorable! He's timid (he is afraid of passing cars when we take him for walks) but so very playful ( thank goodness he can't jump very high or my face would be covered in doggie kisses). He took to his new home right away and he always wants to be cuddling with one of us. He is still being ornery and trying to play with the cats and they are still not having it. Pogo is the most curious and she will at least sit on the couch with Schlitzie, even if its all the way on the other end. Lemmy is still pretty pissed, while Megadeth is terrified like she is of everything else.

Here is our new little buddy, Schlitzie!


  1. he's so cute i can hardly stand it! ahh!

  2. congrats! i LOVE dachshunds! everyone in my extended family has them! we are the weirdos who went against the grain and got pugs. he is so so cute! your cats will get used to it. one of my cats slept on the counter behind the dish drainer for TWO WEEKS even though the pugs never even looked at him. haha.