Saturday, August 13, 2011

ooooooh my soul

so how ironic is this?? the beans have finally been spilled, and i've been too busy to even TALK like i've been dying to for what seems like FOREVER now. well, luckily i have a second.

all this stress and missing in action from blogland is largely due to the fact that josh and i are about to own this:



this is huge for us. we weren't exactly planning to buy a house right now, and in fact if we had any sense at all we would have saved up a lot longer and not blown our entire wedding fund on a down payment. but hey, life is strange and you only live once and things happen for a reason and all that other good stuff.

it isn't likely that you'll be lucky enough to get off with just a simple update like this, because this is a mega-exciting thing for me and i'm probably going to blab about it every step of the way. i don't have any more photos to share at this point because we haven't gotten the keys yet and i've still only been there once. but i CAN share some cool details:

-the house was built in the 30s and most of it is "in its original condition." what this means is that the interior features things like art deco woodwork around the bathroom door frame, and incredibly tacky wallpaper in every room (especially what is going to become the record room, which features people riding on horseback). this also means that we got a good deal on the house for being outdated, but josh and i TOTALLY DIG IT. the few updates that were made were done in the fifties, and are very obviously "fab fifties" style (a pink/black bathroom, a pink kitchen, a pink garage door; again, TOTALLY AWESOME). for being original, the house is in amazing condition.

-the most exciting thing for josh and i was the fact that all the interior doors still have their skeleton key sticking out of them! the sellers also left a key ring with a spare set of skeleton keys on the counter for us. I. LOVE. SKELETON. KEYS. the original blueprints to the house were also laid out on the counter. i love knowing the history of things and the fact that we will have that is pretty neat.

-the size of the house we rent now is maybe 500 sq. feet. our new house is close to 1600 sq. feet, and that's not even counting the partially finished basement (which is also huge). i can't effing wait to fill it full of cool junk. you know i have a knack for this. yay.

i like the fact that it looks sorta creepy and haunted from the outside. i'm guessing we're probably going to seem like the munsters to the neighbors anyway, so it works. i can't wait to see the look on their faces when we start carrying in boxes marked "stuffed monsters" and unpack a giant fiberglass cheeseburger from the truck. if our tattoos and funny haircuts don't scare them away first, i'm sure mayor mccheese will do the trick.

my friend bryan told me our new house reminds him of the wacky shack, an amusement park funhouse that used to be inside idora park near youngstown, ohio. apparently there are still a few wacky shacks remaining in parks around the states.



i do see the resemblance. is hotel hot trash being retired for the wacky shack?? only time will tell.

if all goes well, we should be able to start moving in sometime next week. i'll be sure to post more regular updates now that i don't have to keep secrets and be all stressed out about life.

i can't wait for our own place!!!

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