Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cleveland just got even cooler!

i woke up to the coooooolest news today! it seems that in january, cleveland will be opening a 1920s/1930s era soda fountain not that far from our house!! i LOVE this idea! it's not even that i'm such a huge fan of ice cream and sweets (although a root beer float sure ain't hurtin the deal), i just love the concept of having one here because of my obsession with everything old, historic and vintage. i might want to pull out a sleeping bag behind the counter and move in.

check this out!!! it's called "sweet moses" and there is a neat article about the inspiration behind the place HERE. they're also on facebook! be sure to watch the cute teaser video they posted so you can be as excited as i am. ; )

i'm glad there is this resurgence of local interest lately. between independent businesses promoting buying locally and city residents showing a refreshing new cleveland pride, i'm definitely loving the state of affairs in this here town at the moment. not to mention, i love the fact that i'm practically IMMERSED in it right where all the action is! i love having a radio show on such an influential station rich in history (and the fact that cleveland has SEVERAL college radio stations that are top-fucking-notch!). i know that not every city is lucky enough to have this, and i never want to take that for granted. it still astounds me that i work at one of the coolest businesses in town, hands down. and i try to be as involved as possible in the local music scene, whether its booking shows, supporting live music and local music venues, or encouraging the one man monster band that i share a roof with. ha!

all this set the stage for the news i received last week as well, which was that a local business by the name of salty not sweet will begin carrying some of our swamp rat photography starting next month! i was filled with so much cleveland pride i almost cried a little. i hope other people enjoy the work we have to offer, which includes loads of c-town images with loving affection carefully worked into each piece.

here is a bumper sticker we sell at my work. it's true, and we're proud of it!



  1. I just told my mom! She seems pretty excited.

  2. you do a great job on your radio show. I still listen every chance I get.