Friday, October 2, 2009

reach out and touch faith

before i get to rock'n'roll pajama parties part 2, let me say this: i am sorta an aunt!


in the sense that my cousin amy had a baby. growing up, we always called our parents cousins "aunt and uncle" because they were my parents age. that's the situation here, where we would technically be second cousins, but she will probably grow up to know me as "aunt erin." let me tell you about yesterday. wait till you hear some of this!!!

7:00am: woke up. i haven't been up this early in over a month since i've been unemployed. it was rough.

8:00am: met up with beth (amy's sister) and we headed to the hospital.

9:00am: the doctors began inducing labor, because amy is now several days past her due date.

11:00am: there is a lot of sitting around and waiting. amy decides she wants to do mad libs while we wait. i thought that was awesome of her.

12:00pm: still waiting. still no baby. she is either really comfortable in there, or too stubborn to want to come out.

1:00pm: i get a text message from my mom saying, "that baby is going to be born at 5:12pm, so she better get with it!" i think to myself, hmm, my mom is weird.

2:00pm: still waiting.

3:00pm: still waiting

4:00pm: where the hell is that baby?!

5:00pm: the doctors decide to do a c-section because the baby's heart rate goes down with each contraction and does not come back up afterwards like it should. amy and matt are understandably upset because this was not the way they imagined it would happen. amy is also scared of the prospect of surgery. all the rest of us waiting with them get teary-eyed with them. as they take amy into surgery, i text my mom and tell her how weird it was that the text she sent me earlier was so close to this time. her answer was, "well, i guess i'm a witch." i insist, no, REALLY, that's so WEIRD! what made you pick that time? and she says, "i either thought to myself it would be 5:12 or 6:12 and then i decided, naaaaaaah, it's 5:12." haha. so my mom had the hour pegged. awesome.

6:00pm: they bring amy back into the room. they wheel the baby, charlotte elizabeth, past our room and we all snap pictures with our cell phones. as you can see from the photo above, she is NOT happy to be out of her comfy resting spot. amy tells us that having a c-section was "kinda fun," because she laid there talking about television shows with the doctors that were operating on her. beth decides that amy is so doped up on pain meds that she doesn't know what she is talking about. amy tells us that the song that was playing while charlotte was born was "personal jesus" by depeche mode. we laugh. i ask, "so what was the official time of birth?" amy looks at me and answered, "5:12pm." you can hear the audible gasp in the room as the rest of us realize what happened. i get goosebumps. i fill amy in on my mom's prediction 4 hours earlier. HOW FUCKING WEIRD IS THAT?

6:30pm: the baby is wheeled into the room with us, wrapped tightly in a blanket. beth decides that she looks like a chipotle burrito. "aww, the most delicious burrito EVER!" she exclaims.

so everyone is fine and charlotte is beautiful and i'm going to see her again today. i can't get over how weird that is that my mom predicted the EXACT TIME OF BIRTH seemingly out of nowhere. and that whole bit about "i was gonna say 5:12 or 6:12 but then i decided it was 5:12"? obviously it couldn't have been both times. but i'll be damned if that baby didn't weigh 6 pounds, 12 ounces. SPOOKY!!!!

before i go, i want to share that i've been featured in two great blogs! first off my photography was included in miss knit's freaky friday feature! i am so honored!! please go check it out and keep an eye on her spooky features throughout the month of october!

and a few days ago, my vintage chalkware fish made it into the AWESOME blog retro renovation, your one stop for all your vintage home remodeling tips and ideas!! how neat. thanks, y'all!!!


  1. Oh, wow, your mom was having a moment, and that is one pink little girl baby. Congratulations. Also a lovely old-fashioned name.