Monday, June 29, 2009


i was playing around on youtube tonite and thought i would post some fun videos i found.

here is a clip from the 1957 movie "untamed youth." i wish people still knew how to dance like this! i wish it was still the "hip" thing for young people to do. i wish i wore a dress every day and all of them had pretty circle skirts to twirl around when i danced with my boy. i definitely believe i was born in the wrong era. it's so frustrating that i miss a time period that i was not even around for ; )

i used to LOVE this video when i was little :D

mtv's THE STATE is my favorite show ever ever ever. it has been off the air for years and supposedly it is finally coming out on dvd this july. a lot of the people from the show went on to do great things like "wet hot american summer," "reno: 911," "stella," etc. here is one of my favorite skits:

i grew up loving the monkees. the weird thing about the show is that some of it is so ridiculously goofy it seems like it must be geared towards a younger audience. but once you watch it as an adult you pick up some of the subtle jokes and humor and realize that a lot of the dialogue is obviously intended for an older crowd. as a five-year-old, i could not appreciate the fact that they had a guest appearance from frank zappa, nor could i pick up the sarcasm in the "interview." watching it now with mike nesmith and frank zappa impersonating each other, it's totally, it will never get old watching "frank's" nose fall off.

and here's a monkees clip, for good measure :)
p.s. peter is my favorite monkee!

when we put together romantic getaway (a.k.a. horriblefest) this year, one of my favorite things to come out of it was wizzard sleeve's set. i wish i would have taken some video of it but i was too busy having my mind blown. here is someone else's video from some other show that is sorta like having a bad dream when you watch it. the end of the video is unnecessary but there weren't that many to choose from.

this guy is my friend. how no one thought sooner to have an act that features wearing nothing but some underwear and a bunny mask is beyond me, but i'm glad he got that shit down and now he is livin the life. nobunny is one of the greatest people i know. he is my main blog photo, after all!

i guess that's enough playing around for one nite.

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  1. Bologna foot...bologna for feet...penis face! Ha ha ha. July 14th can't come soon enough.